Useful and healthy natural products for every home- Part Two

Aromatic oils that are desirable to have at home
It is desirable to have essential oils in the home that the family thinks will be most useful to them. Cold-pressed vegetable oil (walnut or seed) is usually procured to dilute essential oils except for lavender essential oil and clove and melaleuca essential oil.
Melaleuca essential oil-against bacterial and fungal skin infections and inflammatory processes of the female genital organs caused by candida.
Eucalyptus essential oil – against infectious processes of the respiratory tract and fungal skin diseases.
Clove is against toothache.

Lavender essential oil – against burns, insect bites, herpes, muscle aches, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, difficulty sleeping and chipping.
Mint – against respiratory infections, high body temperature, against painful abdominal cramps, cuts and scratches.
Chamomile-against high body temperature, insomnia and inflammatory conditions.
Homeopathic useful preparations – should be chosen according to the characteristics of individual symptoms. Below are preparations that can be applied to a number of conditions.
Aconitum — for the sudden onset of high body temperature.
Belladonna-against headaches

Coffea-for insomnia
Hypercal (St. John’s wort and calendula) -a cream or solution for topical application for frostbite and other skin problems.
Ipecacuanha-against nausea
Ledum — for stab wounds on the body
Rhus Toxicodendron — for sprains and strains
Useful accessories for every household:
Droppers are used to determine the amount of essential oils.
Herbal glove or belt-to stimulate blood flow (when legs, feet and hands are cold or for varicose veins)

Water or electric hot water bottle – to relieve muscle pain and abdominal cramps.
Ice compresses – for bruises and sprains on the body
Thermometer-for measuring body temperature. The most reliable and easiest to use is an in-ear measuring thermometer.

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