12 tips for festive (New Year’s) decorations / home decoration with natural and ecological materials


Due to restrictions and economic measures caused by the pandemic, New Year’s celebrations will be in homes around the world. However, this should not be a reason for depression and discouragement, but an opportunity to celebrate the New Year happier and happier. Accordingly, decorations and modest and symbolic arrangements that will beautify the homes and mood of all household members can certainly help.

  1. The Christmas tree can be in a pot. After the holidays, people can plant this Christmas tree in the garden or place it in larger pots and keep it on terraces and balconies. Or I can give it to someone. It can be a felled Christmas tree with a certificate from the allowed felling or just a branch from a coniferous tree.
  2. Instead of a Christmas tree for decorating and beautifying the room, a larger houseplant that is already in the home can be used. In larger families, efforts should be made for all members to participate in decorating the Christmas tree. The male part of the family can attach decorations while the female part of the family can add decorative details, garlands and decorate the pine / selected plant.
  3. Due to the worse economic situation and in accordance with the ecological recommendations, the decorating material can be from nature and the garden without desecrating either the garden or nature. Beautiful natural colors have mournful willows, larger or smaller branches of birch, hazel or beech. All this material can be found in nature, most often already lying on the ground.
  4. Yew, fir and pine branches are traditionally used. Various cones, branches full of red rose hips, cotton buds are an indispensable part of New Year’s decorations. Branches and other natural material (such as cones) found on the ground can later be painted white or a color of your choice.
  5. There are small branches of mistletoe on the branches of older fruit trees and trees. Mistletoe branches have always been interesting and have long been used for winter decorations. It is justified to remove mistletoe branches from fruit trees and trees because they live there as semi-parasites, sometimes depleting the trees to decay. It is ecologically justified to collect a few cones, leaves and other natural materials from the ground, pastures and meadows or from the forest because they would rot on the ground anyway (due to moisture, cold and winter conditions). Place the collected plain brown cones in a clear glass vase / bowl with fruits of various colors and sizes. Add decorative beads for a more festive mood.
  6. Ornamental grasses are equally interesting. Chinese sedge (miscanthus) stands out. In autumn and winter, decoratively twisted leaves can always be cut from this plant. These leaves give every winter arrangement airiness and height.
  7. Winter hydrangea blossoms in various shades of brown are also an interesting material for home decoration. This is the reason that hydrangea blooms should not be cut until spring. They are an outstanding garden decoration during the winter months. Branches with silver lichens can be an interesting detail in winter decorations.
  8. The base for each winter arrangement and decoration can be green moss. It grows on shady usually north-facing moist parts of gardens, nature and forests.
  9. Decorate dining tables with ecological details (decorative ribbons, branches of coniferous trees, pine cones, candles, figure-tied napkins and details / decorations from your imagination). This is especially suitable for cottages, mountain houses in rural and mountainous areas. You do not use or rarely use tablecloths here, so ecological decorations are desirable and acceptable.
  10. Choose one of the flowering pots (poinsettia, cyclamen, orchid, azalea, African violet). Tie houseplants with a silver or gold ribbon (bow) to make them more festive. After using natural materials you can put them on a composting site or compost. That’s how you get food for new plants.
  11. After the holidays and festivities, store all the decorations (decorative balls, bows, beads, decorative ribbons, etc.) in large plastic bags with ribbon. So they can be used for years.
  12. To decorate every home you need to have a measure and do everything without exaggeration. The best solution for all is moderation. The luxury is sometimes disturbing and it is a better solution in the home to have attractive details arranged in several places in the rooms.
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