Literary recommendations for winter 2020

1.Fleishman Is in Trouble (by Taffy Brodesser-Akner) is an incredibly brilliant, fierce, witty and funny novel. The novel was written with a pen by New York Times journalist Taffy Brodesser-Akner. It is also a real refreshment on the literary scene. From the very beginning, “Fleishman Is in Trouble” is full of wisdom and interesting observations about today’s world. Only when readers reach the explosive last pages do they become truly aware of the novel’s brilliant power. The debut of Taffy Brodesser-Akner is a rare treat. It’s a fun story about a middle-aged New Yorker who explores applications for casual sex. The story ends as a feminist text that hits readers to the core. This is a bitterly sweet and painfully funny novel. It is at the same time a touching and humane portrait of contemporary love and marriage.
Dr. Toby Fleishman was recently divorced. Dr. Fleishman is 41 years old. Suddenly he finds himself surrounded by women who want him and who don’t mind his height. These women will be ready to take him to bed after just a few clicks on the mobile app. After thirteen years of marriage, this is a completely new way of life for a doctor. Only his children have a special place in the doctor’s life. Toby’s new life completely changes one morning. His ex-wife Rachel leaves the children in his apartment and disappears. Toby doesn’t know where Rachel is because she doesn’t answer phone calls or messages. He desperately tries to find out where Rachel is. At the same time, he juggles between work and fatherly duties. He is forced to look at the real reasons for the breakup of his marriage. Is the story Toby told himself all the time really true or maybe not true?
2.”The Secrets We Kept” (by Lara Prescott) – the Zhivago case is proof that novels are not books but sometimes weapons. As Boris Pasternak’s novel became a weapon of the West in the fight against the Soviet regime, the American writer Lara Prescott also wrote the novel / debut “The Secrets We kept”. The novel is right after published became a bestseller. Not without reason. The author Prescott’s parents named Lara after Pasternak’s heroine. She very skilfully composed a drinking story from CIA documents and biographies of the actors. The story almost documentary follows one of the most important spy-literary actions in the last century. In 2014, the CIA published 99 letters and reports related to the secret mission Zhivago. Peter Finn and Petra Couvée wrote the book “The Zhivago Affair” based on these documents. While Prescott was just looking at the published available documents (with blackened or deleted names and details) for the first time she got the idea to fill those gaps with fiction.
3.Women Who Love Too Much (by Robin Norwood) – is a book for women who constantly wish and hope that it will change. This book has revealed the pain of addictive love to millions of women. Addictive love is a type of love in which a woman becomes obsessed with a man who is emotionally unavailable, addicted to work, alcohol, or other women. A woman is actually obsessed with a man who cannot return her love. This book carefully discusses why so many women are in constant search of someone who would love them. Women seemingly inevitably find actually bad partners who don’t care about the woman. Love turns into excessive love when the partner does not respond because he does not care about the woman or is not free. The woman still does not leave him but wants him and needs him even more.
4.Those Who Are Loved (by Victoria Hislop) – is an epic story of an ordinary woman in the turbulent 20th century. Sunday Times bestseller – the story of an ordinary woman and an ordinary family in the turbulent times of the 20th century
Athens 1941 After a decade of political insecurity, Greece is an ideologically deeply divided country. Fifteen-year-old Temis is the youngest child in a family in which one leans to the right and the other to the left. The Nazi occupation further intensified the conflicts among those he loved. With the Nazis comes famine. When her best friend dies of starvation before her eyes, Themis engages in a resistance movement. Life’s journey will lead Themis to an impossible situation. Themis will have to choose between their own beliefs and desire for life.

This is a story for which critics have spared no compliments. In the Daily Express, critics wrote: “A wonderfully woven love story and a magical description of a country torn by hatred, a story that breaks hearts.” A Sunday Times critic said: “Victoria Hislop is irresistibly reviving Greek history. All the facts have been carefully researched, but they never slow down her story, “while the Daily Mail’s verdict read:” Hislop did a good job of research and skillfully presented us with a complex Greek history. In a time of violent divisions, she finds a touching family story that her readers will swallow in one breath. ”Readers agreed. The novel quickly conquered the top of the charts.
Victoria Hislop is well known to the readership as the author of the world hit Island which enchanted millions of readers around the world. It has been translated into more than 30 languages. A popular TV series was created based on this novel. This popular British author has become recognizable by carefully researched historical novels. In the novels, the emphasis is on the fate of seemingly ordinary people through whose lives turbulent political and social events are broken. The novel “Those who are loved” is no exception. It is a wonderful historical novel and at the same time a moving story about love, family, growing up and forgiveness. The title of the novel, by the way, is a verse from the famous poem Epitaph by the Greek poet Janis Ricos. The lyrics were set to music by Mikis Teodorakis, among other musicians.

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