Healthy, cheap and environmentally friendly homemade soap

The basic recipe for making homemade soap requires lard and base (water, lard and caustic baking soda). The smell and appearance of homemade soap will be enhanced by the addition of essential oils, mint in the leaves, or other tea in the leaves and similar additives.
Homemade soap is boiled and poured into molds. It is then used in the household (mostly for washing and cooking laundry). Today, the old and traditional recipe for homemade soap is kept and used in many households. Homemade soap does not dry out the skin or dandruff the skin like most industrial soaps.

Homemade soap is made from two components (fat and base). It is formed by the reaction of these two compounds.
It is necessary:
• 50 milliliters of water,
• 100 grams (beef or pork) fat and
• 1 tablespoon of caustic (living) baking soda (sodium hydroxide crystal).
Way of preparation
Put the fat to melt in a larger pot. In a separate small bowl, stir the sodium hydroxide in 50 milliliters of water. Then pour this mixture into the melted fat. Be careful when handling sodium hydroxide. Make sure children are not nearby.
It takes half an hour of mixing, ie until a thick mass is obtained. Dip a knife into the soap. If the mass around the knife hardens immediately — the soap is cooked. You can add a few drops of essential oil or ingredients of your choice to the mass (which you are cooking).

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