14 beliefs for a better and more prosperous next year

People all over the world sometimes believe that some objects, moves and activities will bring them happiness and success in all fields of life in the coming year.

  1. The general belief is that a glass of drink exactly at midnight should always be full for all present in order for the next year to be happy, cheerful, and with a lot of prosperity.
  2. There is a belief that in front of every person there should be food, drink and sweets in order for the next year to be successful, happy and cheerful.
  3. Folk belief also says that every person needs to have something red on or near them in order to have love in the coming year.
  4. In Turkey, there is a belief that fresh rose hips should be thrown over windows or balconies. The better the fruit cracks — the more fertile next year will be.
  5. In Spain, it is believed that a person should eat 12 grapes at exactly midnight because it brings improvement in all fields of life.
  6. In El Salvador, there is a belief that by midnight a person should empty the contents of a fresh egg into a glass. And leave overnight. The shape that appears in the morning is a symbol of happiness for the coming year.
  7. In Russia, there is a current belief that a person should write a wish on a piece of paper. Then light the paper and put it in a glass in which you pour champagne. A person needs to drink champagne.
  8. In Colombia, it is believed that a person needs to walk around with an empty suitcase for at least an hour in order to travel a lot next year.
  9. In the Philippines, a person should turn on all the lights in the home to ward off evil spirits.
  10. In Guatemala, it is believed that financial gain will accompany any person who throws 12 coins over their backs on the street in front of their home at midnight.
  11. In Brazil, people wear white clothes for happiness and progress in the coming year. For happiness and success, a person should jump 7 times exactly at midnight.
  12. In Chile at midnight a person should eat one tablespoon of cooked lentils which guarantees financial happiness and success in the coming year.
  13. In Argentina, it is believed that a person should wear pink underwear if they want to fall in love next year. And you need to step on your right foot right after midnight so that the next year goes in the right rhythm and direction.
  14. It is a popular belief that every person should wear something completely new or have a new item near them in order to bring positive and good news next year.


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