Purchased new clothes and textiles should be washed before first use

During the cleaning and running of the household, we follow the advice of older family members, more experienced people and sometimes the opinions of experts. When a new item of clothing or textile item is brought into the home, it is really necessary to wash the laundry before the first use. Although it is not uncommon to have ore opinions related to textile care. Some textile experts claim that it is not necessary to wash before the first use, although textiles always contain some stray chemicals. Nomi Dale Kleinman is the head of the textile design department at the Technical Institute in Boston. Kleinman told the Real Simple web portal that washing new clothes is not necessary, but warns that textile products can sometimes contain some stray chemicals from the production process. often also the remains of starch used to keep the goods fresh during packaging and transport to the shops.
Kleinman goes on to say, “There are many steps a fabric goes through before it reaches us, and even natural fibers can be exposed to potential irritants, various lubricants and resins.”
Also, says Kleinman, sometimes fabrics require additional scrubbing with soaps or sodium hydroxide, so that the color is better received for them.


According to Kleinman if people skip the first wash of new textiles “most will not feel any adverse reactions if they do not wash clothes before first use, but if you have sensitive skin the rest of any chemical can cause itching or irritation. It is usually recommended to wash new jeans because it happens that the color leaks onto the blouse or textile furniture – said Kleinman. It is advisable to always check labels with textile care labels. If you want to prolong the duration of a piece of clothing and prevent its collection, he suggests washing in cold water and drying in the air.
When weaving, oil vapors that remain in the fabrics are used. If a person is allergic, new textiles should always be washed before use / wearing.





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