4 books to start 2021

1.‘The Book Of Delights’ (by Ross Gay) – 2020 shook human life to its foundations. Everyday life turned upside down almost overnight. We faced some of the most traumatic moments. Many will recover for some time to come. Although last year was a difficult year we could learn one lesson. That is to appreciate the little things. Simple life, peace of mind, socializing, walks and nature.
We are entering 2021 fully aware that there are still many challenges ahead. We have a great deal of hope. A special book for 2021 is precisely ‘The Book of Delights’ by Ross Gay.
The Book of Delights is conceived as a collection of short and lyrical essays. Gay has been writing and collecting essays for a year. The essays look at small pleasures and little things that make people happy at one point, and which we sometimes forget to appreciate. All the little delights the author describes in a witty, charming and poetic way. At the same time, he finds a broader story behind small moments. The story is much more complex and relevant than it seems. It thus balances creativity, optimism and hope. He describes everyday joys down to the smallest detail in a beautiful way. What particularly appeals to the book is Gay’s view of nature, the descriptions of his garden and the flowers he saw on the street.
The Book of Delight reminds us that in the dark period, people try to find a grain of joy that will be enough to go further.
Ross Gay has four books of poetry. He has won the National Book Critics Circle Awards and the Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award. He published his essays in a number of well-known newspapers (‘The New York Times’, ‘The Paris Review’). The book ‘The Book of Delights’ 2019 was named one of the best books of the year in ‘The Washington Independent Review of Books.’


2.My Dark Vanessa (by Kate Elizabeth Russell) -the plot follows Vanessa Wye in two time periods. In 2000, a young and ambitious student got involved in a love affair with a charismatic 42-year-old professor. Even 17 years later, at the height of #MeToo and similar movements, Professor Strana was accused of sexual violence. The victim who accused him seeks Vanessa’s help. As an adult woman, she now has to decide whether to stay quiet and believe that by her own decision she has become entangled in a relationship with a professor or will she face the real facts? Despite everything, Vanessa doesn’t know how to turn against the man who marked her life in so many ways and whom she essentially fell in love with. As the book carries us between the past and the present, so we discover how the trauma manifests. And how trauma rules life in all subtle ways. The book ‘My Dark Vanessa’ currently has ingenious reviews on Goodreads and foreign media. It combines elements of fiction, thriller and “coming of age” story. This creates a tense and touching mosaic of events that seems extremely relevant and relevant today.


3.The Office (by Andy Greene) – the legendary sitcom ‘The Office’ has undoubtedly changed the genre of comedy series on TV. The cult series marked the 2000s. Today, it is still among the favorite TV series. The success of the series can only be measured by the success of the series ‘Friends.’ It has been seven years since the finale of the series arrived and since we said goodbye to Jim, Pam, Dwight, Michael and other genius characters. For fans of the series and book lovers, the book ‘The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s’ is a great choice.
Andy Greene, a Rolling Stone journalist, in his new book brings the perfect reading for all the people who miss the series. The author paints the background story, hitherto unknown details of the recording. It reveals how the idea for the series came about in the first place and what happened on the set of some of the most famous episodes. It also touches on the period when ‘The Office’ was almost canceled and Steve Carell was almost replaced. All through direct interviews with the creators of the series, authors and actors. Green reveals how some of the ingenious sentences and popular jokes came about, which is especially interesting, since ‘The Office’ was based many times on real anecdotes of the series’ authors, actors and people who know . Those biggest fans will surely be delighted with the stories about why some episodes never came out in front of the audience and what all the storylines were possible. The book ‘The Office’ has already sparked the adoration of critics and audiences. That’s why it’s currently in Goodreads ’selection for Best Humorous Book.

Goodreads recently released the best book of 2020 in each category. This book won first place among young adult novels. Elizabeth Acevedo’s book ‘Clap When You Land’ is a promising YA novel. It looks like a new young-adult sensation. Such as, for example, ‘Eleanor and Park’ or John Green’s books.
In addition to the Goodreads Choice Award, the novel ‘Clap When You Land’ has already won National Book Award awards and has been shortlisted by the New York Times. Reviews on the favorite book platform testify to the enthusiasm of readers for this, as many say, bitter-sweet life story.


The plot follows Camina Rios, a teenager living for the summers who spends time with her father who comes to live with her in the Dominican Republic. However, on the day his plane is due to land and Camina greets him, he finds a bunch of crying, desperate people at the airport. At the same time in New York, Yahaira Rios goes to the principal where her mother will have to inform her that her father was killed in a tragic accident. Two girls who are miles and lifestyles away, discover each other only when they find out about their father’s death. Such a loss unites them and gives them a whole new perspective on their own lives.
Aceveda’s story is actually based on a true event that happened two months after the 9/11 terrorist attack. An American Airlines plane flying to the Dominican Republic crashed in Queens, New York. The event shocked the Dominican community. The author thus wanted to re-examine the traumas that these families went through and explore the issue of culture, the way in which different people deal with trauma. Camino has to deal with the difficult conditions in which he lives in Puerto Plata and face the fact that he will find it difficult to realize his dream of escaping from life circumstances. Yahira must face a new dynamic within a broken family.
The touching story delighted the readership and convincingly took home the title of best YA novel of 2020.

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