5 health and psychological tips for better health in 2021

The age of the pandemic is challenging and difficult which is why any good health advice comes in handy.

  1. Insomnia and nightmares – During a pandemic and quarantine, many people have problems with insomnia and nightmares. People wake up after a bad sleep and feel fear. Challenging and unforeseen events more or less create reactions of fear, loss of control and helplessness in people. Difficulty sleeping (frequent waking, inability to fall asleep, nightmares or excessive sleep) are among the expected reactions in these situations. Dreams are a simple way for people to try to solve problems in real life.
  2. During times of crisis, people need to take more care of themselves and others – in the first part of 2020, we felt pressure due to quarantine (how to get out of lock-down better and more perfect, learn new expressions and words). The second part of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 is a time of double crisis for people. It is difficult to be fully focused, productive and perform tasks smoothly.
  3. There is a constant feeling of uncertainty and insecurity – the pandemic era brings a strong sense of insecurity, stress and trauma. Anxiety and fear are part of everyday life and deep mental exhaustion. It is important that each person does not push himself beyond his own limits. It is enough and most importantly to renew and conserve energy.
  4. Psychologists often use the “cheat” syndrome – it is a feeling of inferiority despite the obvious successes that a person achieves. People with a pronounced syndrome consider feel they are not as competent as others think they are and have been deceived in some way. Deep down, they are convinced that they are not responsible for their achievements, that is, that they cannot attribute success to their own skills, knowledge and abilities, but mostly to happiness. They think they are not worth as much as other people or that they are not worth at all. As a result, they generally find it difficult to accept compliments and do not internalize their achievements. They do not see achievement as a part of themselves. Whatever and however much they achieve — these people feel that it is not enough. This syndrome is close to perfectionism.
  5. The corona-virus pandemic has affected the economy in an extremely negative way. Many people lost their jobs. They had to close companies / crafts overnight or their salaries were reduced. The future practically became more uncertain overnight than before. Then came the so-called “economic stress”. Work and all the changes that occur in the field of work are very much related to the (in) ability to meet psychological needs. In this way, they consequently affect mental and physical health. There are useful and practical exercises that people can practice every time they feel a high degree of stress and anxiety. When you are overwhelmed by strong anxiety, breathing usually becomes shallower. As a result, the breathing rhythm accelerates and hyperventilation and reduced oxygen levels in the blood occur. Mastering the techniques of controlling breathing to breathe with full lungs (and not only the upper part), i.e. the lower part of the thorax or the abdominal zone is crucial for regulating the rhythm of breathing, and thus for relaxation. There are many breathing techniques you can try. One of these techniques is taken from yoga. It is based on the numbers 4.7 and 8. It is necessary to take a comfortable position. Take a deep breath and count to 4. Hold your breath for 7 seconds. Then exhale slowly counting to 8. Breathing deeply you will no longer feel anxiety.


  1. Great tips. I’ve found deep breathing to be useful at night when my heart races, and it really is all the more important during the pandemic to look after ourselves as well as one another. Such a stressful time and that uncertainty that you talk about can really take a toll.

    Stay safe lovely.
    Caz xx

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    • Dear Invisibly Me,

      You have the point. We all pretty much feel the same way. Good tips always can be useful. Thanks a lot for your comment. Wishing you all the best.



    • Dear Jana,

      Believe me most people nowadays feel more or less the same negativism/sadness and anxiety. We need to do our best to keep some positive thoughts during the day/night and think of all positive things that will come one day. Wishing you all the best and a lot of great things/events that await you in the future. Best of luck.



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