3 books from women’s authors


“Southern Lights” (by Nina George) – the previous book and the great world hit “The Little Paris Bookshop” by the writer George has almost a million copies sold. Nina George won over audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. Her new work is a wonderful poetic novel. It takes readers on a walk through the Provencal landscape. In this landscape we meet people whose eyes hide an unspoken longing and methods of how to deal with those longings.

“Southern Lights” is a poetic novel about the love and power of literature, about the alchemy of love, about brilliant and bitter kinds of love, about everything that confuses and delights with the people we love or try to love. And this time in the novel, the owner of a traveling bookstore appears. His name is Francis Meurienne. He has an unusual assistant, Marie-Jeanne, who can see love, literally, and hearts that are destined for each other. The novel is about what an assistant will do with an ability and how the magic of reading will help with that. The novel “Southern Lights” is a real temptation for every demanding reader. It’s just a seemingly story about people from a Provencal place and their invisible connections. It is a poetic story about the possibility and impossibility of love. This is a book of consolation and a book of fairy tales. The book is a love novel and a novel about human temper. http://www.nina-george.com/
Nina George has written 26 books so far (novels, short stories and columns). The novel “Die Mondspielerin” won the Delia Award in 2011, for best love novel. For the short thriller “Das Spiel ihres Lebens” she was awarded the Glauser Prize in 2012. The novel “Little Parisian Bookstore” (Das Lavendelzimmer, 2013) has been on Spiegel’s bestseller list for weeks. It has been translated into 37 languages. Nina George writes under three different pseudonyms: under the pseudonym Anne West she publishes erotic novels. She is considered one of the most successful German authors of this genre; with his wife, writer Jens J. Kramer, he writes crime novels which he publishes under the pseudonym Jean Bagnol. She is extremely active in the legal protection of writers and writers. George is the founder of YES on Author’s Rights. George is also an advisor to the Board of Directors of the German PEN Center and a member of the board of the Three Seas Writers ’and Translators’ Council. Since June 2019, George has been the president of the European Writer’s Council (the umbrella association of 38 European writers’ associations).

“The Night Olivia fell” (by Christine McDonald) – is a touching debut novel by Christine McDonald in which nothing is resolved to the very end. The novel will awaken the fears, struggles and worst nightmares of every parent – the misfortune of a child that is not seemingly an accident.
Abi Knight wakes up in the middle of the night with the phone ringing and the tragic news – her teenage daughter Olivia had a terrible accident. Abi says Olivia slipped on the bridge and fell into the icy water of the river: She is now unconscious in the hospital. Olivia is kept alive only by appliances. But Abi noticed bruises on Olivia’s wrists. She finds out that her sensible daughter is three months pregnant.
With her first novel, Christine McDonald managed to reach the top of the best-selling titles list and win numerous nominations for best novel. USA Today, Amazon and Barnes & Noble are some of the best-selling titles lists. There for weeks the main star was the novel “The Night Olivia fell”. Book clubs Marie Claire, BookBub, Goodreads, Crime Reads agree that it was Christine McDonald’s novel that was their favorite monthly choice. Suspense Magazine could not resist the charms and tensions of this story. He named The Suspense Magazine the best crime novel of 2019. Many fans of this somewhat creepy story were thrilled by the news that according to the Christine McDonald story, a film should be made. “Behind Every Lie” is another McDonald’s title. In February 2021, the third novel “Do No Harm” is eagerly awaited. https://christina-mcdonald.com/
“When All is Said” (by Anne Griffin) – is the first novel by Irish author Anne Griffin. With this debut novel, Griffin has surpassed competition around the world. The audience / readers and critics were delighted. Everyone agrees that this is a novel you have never encountered before. After reading this novel you will not easily forget. The novel is special, as evidenced by numerous awards
Eighty-four-year-old Maurice Hannigan is sitting in the bar of a posh hotel in an Irish town. Maurice is alone as usual – although this evening is anything but ordinary. Pull up a chair and fill a glass. Maurice is finally ready to tell his story. During that evening, he will make a toast to the five people who meant the most to him. Through these stories – of silenced joy and remorse, hidden tragedy, passionate love that has never found the best way – a man’s life will be exposed in a powerful and insightful way. You will remember Maurice Hannigan’s voice for a long time after everything is said. Touching and honest at the same time. A story told in one evening. A story of one life.
Anne Griffin is the winner of the John McGahern Award and the Irish Book Awards for best debut novel. She was shortlisted for Hennessy (New Irish Literature Award), The Sunday Business Post’s Short Story Award, and the Goodreads Award in the Best Debut Novel category. The novel has been translated into 16 languages in less than a year of publication.

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