Protecting the environment by placing a variety of waste in designated waste boxes

We all need to put paper, plastic, glass and batteries in the provided waste boxes
Paper, plastic, glass and batteries should be placed in designated waste separation boxes. The natural habitat is disturbed by throwing plastic and other waste into the oceans, seas, lakes and rivers. At the annual level, in the oceans alone, throwing waste endangers the lives of about 1 million inhabitants of the ocean (animals).
It takes about 4,000 years to decompose a single glass bottle produced today.
1% of the total amount of water on Earth is usable for water consumption. Now only 2% is ice in Antarctica and 97% is oceans.
For the generations to come, we need to give our maximum to preserve nature and our environment. Nature gives back to people everything that people give to nature. People greatly influence the daily changing nature and happenings in nature. Nature and natural resources (water, forests, plants, etc.) are essential for the life of all people on planet Earth.
We also protect the natural environment by separating waste. In many settlements and areas where people live, there are separate containers for waste separation (plastic, glass, paper and batteries). The glass waste container is used for the disposal of glass containers, glass packaging made of cream, perfume and the like. The plastic disposal container is used for the disposal of plastic tubes, shampoo packaging, PVC product packaging and PVC waste of all kinds. The paper storage container is used for the disposal of old newspapers, magazines, paper packaging, cardboard boxes, leaflets, brochures, paper boxes of food, perfumes, cosmetics. The battery container is used to store all unusable / spent batteries of all shapes and purposes.


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