DIY: Unique decorations for birthdays and various celebrations

Ecostyle is becoming more popular all over the world every year. Ecological decorations are usually made of wood found in various locations. Decorations can be made from other materials found in nature (dried flowers, branches of various shapes and sizes, cones, etc.).
  1. Making paper decorations is cheap and easy. Look online for templates for various paper decorations. Stencils should be printed, colored, folded or cut. For creative people who like to make various decorations on their own, then paper is the material that gives the most possibilities for personalized expressions.
  2. Citrus (lemon or orange) cut into slices serve as an ideal fragrant decoration.
  3. Dry biscuits and honey cakes — make biscuits in a variety of molds. Draw patterns, flowers and other decorations on the cookies. Biscuits can be decorated with edible colored pearls, almonds, hazelnuts. A small hole can be drilled in the top of the biscuit and a decorative strip can be passed through it. This way you get a unique decoration for all occasions.
  4. Food is also a good choice because a variety of foods can be ideal and edible garnishes. For example, pasta (in the form of snails, dots, spirals, spaghetti, etc.) can be used for simple decorations. Use the material you already have in the home, i.e. decorative ribbons, bows, and include imagination and creativity. You can still glue the pasta together and paint it in different colors.
  5. A clear glass jar or ball can be a good decoration for the home if you insert a photo or picture or an old postcard of your choice into the jar.
  6. From wide decorative strips, you can make bows that you will later hang over doors, windows and the like.
  7. Balls in homes are usually the majority decor for beautifying rooms. You can decorate the balls with nail polish, spray paint, sequins or glitter. The balls will get a new look when you coat them with glue and roll them in glitter. If you use old balls, stick decorative paper over them. You can cover the old balls with fabric / canvas, which you will tie with a decorative ribbon on top.

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