Miniature or mini products of small dimensions for every home (toy or device)

1.A set of 5 miniature kitchen appliances in black color.All parts and every detail in my miniature appliances is made by me (beaters, dials, gauges, buttons…) I don’t use any hardware.

The set includes:

– stand mixer with tilt motor head and a removable bowl

– espresso machine

– hand mixer with removable bowl

– blender

– scale

– and 5 boxes, designed and made by me, one for each appliance


2.Bob is a smart device and a small dishwasher (slightly larger than a microwave) with a transport bag that moves easily. Ready to use once plugged in and drain pipe. The machine was created thanks to a Parisian start-up due to the great attention that France pays to start-ups and the small size of living spaces in Paris. It can be placed on a shelf, table or moved / started when needed. The bean is characterized by rounded lines, a wide selection of colors and a functional look of the box. It can be easily adapted to different contexts, retaining a certain personality. The installation of this dishwasher is very simple. Thanks to the PDF instruction manual accessed via QR code. It does not have its own application but has a number of options that can be customized directly via the Internet. After connecting to electricity, Bob first connects to a smartphone and a home Wi-Fi network. The digital interface is refined and functional. It has well-organized guidelines on the color LCD screen on the front panel of the dishwasher. Bob’s power is versatility due to the choice of design. It is a networked device. The power of design lies in the ability to adapt to different situations and environments. It has the ability to move from one place to another due to the weight of about 10 kilograms and two handles that facilitate transport. It can be a dishwasher in a shared student apartment or room, a dishwasher in the house of a young professional. It could be accommodated in a study, cottage or camper. The bob can be used wherever there is electricity. Bob is designed to connect to a home water supply network. It has an integrated tank that can hold enough water for one wash and manual filling. The same goes for a drain that can be connected to the water mains or poured freely into a sink or bucket. Once the dishwasher is installed and connected (to water, electricity and Internet) – it needs to be charged, select an option and run. Bob has four standard cycles (eco-friendly and fast, others for glasses and the ability to save as many personalized cycles as possible). It is suitable for the needs of one or two people: you can put a few plates, glasses and a few cutlery in the machine, or rearrange the interior space for special needs with a modular drawer.
An ultraviolet lamp (for disinfecting everyday devices and objects) is useful and important today – optional and chargeable. So Bob turns from a dishwasher into a disinfectant. Putting keys and other everyday items in the place where you usually wash dishes seems strange. Psychologically, they probably won’t give the impression to many that they are “clean”. That’s a good idea. This optional feature emphasizes the flexibility that is Bob’s best quality.
More details about Bob and the price can be found

3.Easymaxx mini sewing machine

4. Mini Kitchen set

5. Mini Oven Toaster

6. Robotic vacuum cleaner and washer called “Roomba Combo”-is a revolutionary product for vacuuming and washing floors in one

iRobot is a world-renowned brand that has been cleaning millions of homes with its innovations for years. There is the first robot on the market today that is a vacuum cleaner and a floor washer in one. Roomba COMBO will make your life easier and ensure the desired cleanliness of your home, so all users will have more free time.

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