10 tips for efficient and systematic home cleaning


Home cleaning can be done with a little good will, systematization and a few cleaners:

  1. Separate items that are no longer in use. Clean only parts of the home that are already decorated.
  2. General cleaning should start according to the “up and down” rule. So first clean the upper parts of the cabinets, chandeliers, upper shelves and then slowly descend towards the lower parts of the home all the way to the floors. Thus, there is little chance that the window cleaner, for example, will end up inadvertently spilled on already cleaned floors.
  3. It is recommended to use funds intended for multiple surfaces and various types of materials. So you can first clean the ceramic tiles (in the kitchen and bathroom), glass surfaces and then the floors. This way of working strengthens motivation and gives a better insight into the situation.
  4. Use dual-purpose cleaning aids. These can be floor cleaners that clean and have the option of spraying water from the handle.
  5. Leave the microwave, stove, refrigerator and cutlery for cleaning.
  6. Use stain removers to remove stains on carpets and upholstered furniture.
  7. Unpleasant odors can be removed by frequently irradiating the room and using air fresheners.
  8. Multi-purpose wet wipes clean all surfaces quickly and efficiently. Kitchen cleaners will also remove all greasy deposits and dirt from dirty surfaces.
  9. Use window and glass cloths to remove dust. An unpolished cloth removes and cleans all impurities.
  10. For a better mood and good will, you can put a few drops of fragrant oils (jasmine, vanilla, orange, cinnamon) in the cleanser.

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