Business or Hobby: making soap at home

Making soap at home can be a hobby and a permanent job over time. This is suitable for people who love nature and working with their hands.
Industrial soaps are cheap but usually contain “SLS” (a cheap aggressive detergent) foams well, washes well but is not suitable for human skin.

A popular proverb says that every person needs 10,000 hours of work to become an expert in any job. So it is with making soap. This job is a craft. By gaining practice, the job goes better and easier. When the first soaps made turn out wrong (not the way the soap maker wants), then in the “soap world” they call it soap gremlins. It takes a lot of knowledge, learning, advice, practical work and literature to learn this craft.

There are a lot of online workshops where learning how to make soap and free online tutorials for people who do not have time to follow the workshop in certain defined terms. Making soap is a creative job that has a very healing effect on people. The greatest magic in this business is when oil and alkali make soap. In the past, women cooked their own soap at home. It was a top-notch “zero-waste” craft. It would be a shame to forget such art.

Costs for making homemade soap:
The costs for the supply of NaOH and distilled water are practically negligible. Optional costs for additives (essential oils) higher. You need, say, 40 ml of lavender oil for one kilogram of soap. A stick mixer, a weighing scale in grams, a cooking thermometer and other utensils (which most already have in the kitchen) are needed. The most commonly used are olive, palm or coconut oil. The soap mold can be purchased or tetrapack packaging, wooden and similar molds lined with baking paper.

If the soap making business progresses, it is worth considering starting a craft business. This requires gathering the necessary documentation necessary to obtain a certificate for the manufacture of cosmetics. It depends on the country in which the craftsman lives.
Sometimes soap won’t turn out the best because the best people make mistakes. Still, perseverance and effort will pay off later. People always like to buy homemade quality products. This supports the work of “small” craftsmen and small factories in the world.


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