Solid perfumes in small boxes

The beauty scene and the world of perfume is more exciting today. The world of perfumes is also a large market that shows the potential and desire for further innovation. Perfumes are constantly changing in line with the needs of the cosmetics market. New perfumes are constantly appearing in innovative formulations and editions, which perfectly adapt to the modern woman always in speed and movement.

Then the ideal perfumes are all perfumes in solid form and small packages. I can fix the smell all day depending on the need.
Interestingly, solid perfume is actually a very old form of perfume. Over the years, solid perfumes have supplanted perfumes in liquid form. Solid perfumes enable mobility, but also a more personal relationship with the perfume. It is most often applied with the fingers. It has been attracting more and more interest in recent seasons. The same perfume can be in solid and liquid perfume. Both types of perfume will not smell the same. Liquid perfume contains alcohol. The solid perfume contains wax and oil which makes it softer and milder.

Application: Warm perfume on your fingertips and apply directly to your wrists and neck. Carry with you to refresh as needed on the go.

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