Proper compass placement for Feng Shui practice

Proper placement of the compass so that the front represents the correctly read direction is crucial in feng shui practice. The whole science of feng shui is based on the way the energy of the direction moves and interacts with each space. It is useful to know that much of the root of feng shui theory is intertwined with the Taoist view of the universe and existence. Thus, the flow of chi energy is measured within the microcosm and by encompassing the entire macrocosm of space. People need to sketch and define the space in which they live / work (establish the directions of providing space and the impact of space beyond borders). This is called big tai-chi (large surrounding space) and small tai-chi (space of home, buildings, houses, individual rooms).
Great possibilities of application and interpretation of formulas open the understanding of this concept. Use a ruler to secure the compass flush with the door or wall. Align the compass for the whole house or apartment then repeat this in each reading room- The local reading gives the exact energy directions of the space you are exploring. If the difference in reading on the compass exceeds 15 degrees when moving from one room to another, this may indicate an energy imbalance within a particular room or the whole house. This is most often a sign that the arrangement of pieces of furniture and decorative items is not in harmony with the natural flow of energy in the home. It is recommended that changes be made to the position and layout of the room furniture. A simple and effective method to achieve the right balance is to move the furniture until the variation in reading is below 5 degrees.
How to determine the main direction in the home
A beginner in this practice often asks the question how to correctly determine the exact direction of the house / home and the direction of the facade of the house. This is easy if the house is perfectly regular in shape and the direction of the front door coincides with the direction of the facade. The main direction of the home can be determined by establishing the direction of the front door or the door that family members most often use. If you can’t decide, walk around the house a few times until you feel where the strongest “yang” energy is coming from. Then you will know for sure which direction is the main direction of the home. To determine the main direction of the home, stand in the main front door and look outside. The direction you face in front of you is the main direction of home.
There are 3 important alternatives when determining any direction in feng shui practice.
Be guided by your own judgment. Homes that have clearly defined doors have the greatest potential for enjoying lasting good fortune. Houses that do not have a clearly defined main door have uncertain luck or an uncertain and unstable flow of positive energy.

  1. Establish the direction determined by the main door, i.e. standing at the largest entrance door and looking ahead. Determine the direction in which the door is facing. That is the main direction of home.
  2. Establish a direction determined by providing a main road located outside your home. This is the direction from which maximum yang energy flows into your home. If the house is facing the road — this is the main direction of the home even if the main door is facing in the other direction.
  3. Determine the direction of the door that family members use most often. The main entrance door is by definition the door that is most commonly used. It is said that the main door is the “mouth of every house” – that is the direction that is defined as the main direction.

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