The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui is powerful, fascinating and easy to practice

Today, the whole world relies more and more on the ancient Chinese practice of decorating the home, life and business of Feng Shui. Feng Shui does not need to be complicated to be effective. The key to good Feng Shui is proper application that is easy to practice. When human knowledge is constantly tested and tested, it becomes more refined and precise, so the task of simplification is easier.
Feng shui is based on the chi energy that the Chinese call the “dragon’s cosmic breath.” The shapes and colors that surround the individual, decorative objects and art paintings and decorations on the walls are observed. The position of the home, the surroundings of the home and everything that surrounds the home are observed. The application of Feng Shui works on different levels. Because this ancient practice has enormous depth and several layers of interpretation and subtle nuances of meaning. And when there are more complicated formulas for applying this practice if those formulas are systematically broken down into smaller parts. Then Feng Shui practice will actually work for the individual in a spectacular way. Determine the sides of the world in the home if you want to apply this practice to the home and environment. You can properly delineate certain sectors of the home with a compass to apply Feng Shui. Get acquainted with the basic attributes and associations of the 8 directions marked on the compass. You are working on possible psychic blockages that make it difficult to understand numbers. Learn to love Lo Shu square. Be mentally close with 8 basic trigrams to recognize the feng shui meaning of each of them.
Feng shui changes should be completely under the control of the individual. They do not need to break the “household budget”. If you live in a residential apartment and cannot control your wider environment (building, surroundings and settlement) then you can do your best to ensure that your home is safe, harmonious and a refuge from the capricious outside world. To do the maximum with what you have. By applying Feng Shui an individual may encounter problems where the proposed remedy simply cannot be applied in that situation. Know that no one in the world has perfect Feng Shui. This ancient practice should be approached from the point of view of a general idea and 2 concepts should be considered: the spatial dimension and the temporal dimension.
Every living space is subject to small and imperceptible changing forces that change due to the constant flow of time. Overcoming the bad effects of the weather on the feng shui of your home starts from following certain annual taboos and applying a specific countermeasure in the endangered sectors of the home.
In Feng Shui practice one should be relaxed because this practice is not miraculous. An individual should not have ridiculous and unhealthy expectations. Feng shui experts say that after applying the changes are felt after only 9 days.

Feng shui is responsible only for 1/3 of human happiness, the so-called “earthly happiness”. Other components of human destiny / happiness are the celestial happiness with which a person is born or destiny, karma or happiness written in the stars which is part of happiness over which people have little control and their own (essential) happiness as a result of human actions and attitudes. Therefore, practice Feng Shui with healthy and positive attitudes, because the possibility of direct and positive benefits is growing terribly fast.
Feng shui can be an aid to an individual to improve relationships with the environment, with other people, with business acquaintances, to bring happiness to close and extended family members and make life meaningful and fulfilling (because an individual can make positive changes in other people’s daily lives ). Feng Shui can be approached from many angles and in many ways. It is a beautiful field of knowledge (philosophy, rituals and symbols) whose vistas are truly exceptional.
With the power of this practice, you can begin to enjoy a healthy, friendly, and positive environment in your space before you decide to learn this philosophy in more detail. Feng shui means wind and water and a promising way of decorating the home that will bring good luck to the tenants and reduce bad luck.
A minimal knowledge of this practice is enough to decorate a home, buy a new house, or just estimate the current living space. Feng shui solutions are reduced to practical things, that is, the individual’s coping with what he has at his disposal. There are 4 different aspects of this practice: interior (landscape feng shui), the importance of directions, the time dimension and the geographical environment of important rooms in the home.
Entrance door and hallway
Feng shui for every home begins with the floor plan of the home on a piece of paper. Observe certain impressions in your home, determine the side of the world that the front door looks at and see if anything hurts it. The front door should open inwards. Choose an auspicious image for the hallway / hallway (e.g. fish) that symbolizes the wealth that enters the home. Check what is visible from the front door. The winding path and the health of the plant bring good energy. Negative energy is created by telegraph poles and a direct path that can be seen from the door of the home.
Orient yourself properly or with the help of a compass in space to determine individual sectors. Mark the sides of the world on the floor plan of the home. Use a compass to mark certain sectors of important rooms.


  1. Dear Chen,

    Some of them, Yes. Feng Shui principles/rules of the whole life are very realistic and made for us/ordinary people and our everyday life. Thanks a lot for your comment. Wishing you all the best.



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