Traditional Chinese compass “Luo Pan” for Feng Shui

The traditional Chinese compass is always a revered work of exceptional craftsmanship and handwork. Numerous concentric circles of the Chinese compass contain the formulas and secrets of the master who made the compass. There are several different types of Chinese compass. Among all the types of Chinese compass, there are 3 most popular types used today.

  1. Sarn Juan Luo Pan-is based at the Three Circles School. It is also called the Luo Pan 3 period of the flying star.
  2. Sarn Harp Luo Pan or Compass 3 harmony (between heaven, earth, man) and reflected in the Plane of man, earth and sky located on this Lao Pan. These different planes reflect 3 parallel levels of energy flow within the environment. Each of them assumes that the north is 7.5 degrees different from the other. The plane of the earth refers to the magnetic north. The planes of man and the sky are 7.5 degrees to the left and right in relation to the Plane of the earth. North in other planes is not magnetic north.
  3. Sarn He ‘Luo Pan or School 3 auspicious events. It looks at the configuration of the terrain, mountains, structures and waters that surround any house (building). Analyzes good and bad influences based on number cycles, elements and trigrams.
    The Chinese compass Luo Pan clearly contains a lot of information. This compass is not needed by people who will apply Feng Shui on an amateur basis. It is good to know how to use an ordinary compass to determine directions and a good book to decipher the formulas and methods hidden in Luo Pan. Luo Pan is a compass that serves to determine the sides of the world whose most important part is the magnetic needle emanating from the center of the compass. People who want to use authentic Luo Pan should pay attention to the quality of the magnetic needle which is essential. Get Luo Pan directly from a Feng Shui master who will reveal the compass meaning code.

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