Using an ordinary compass in Feng Shui practice

It is not convenient to determine the sides of the world according to the place of sunset and sunrise. Consider a compass an integral part of Feng Shui practice. A good choice is a compass on which the steps are clearly marked along the outer edge. Compass made with an accompanying ruler is useful for determining the direction of the door because you can adjust the compass at a right angle to the front door. A good idea is to look for a compass with an extra division or 24 mountains. This facilitates and increases the usefulness of this tool as 24 sub-spices appear in all popular feng shui formulas that are used unchanged in the 21st century. A vital first step in applying feng shui is to know how to accurately and correctly determine the directions of each home / house / space.

There are 2 basic types of routes to be determined:

  1. You need to know in which direction your home is facing. This refers to the side of the world that the front door faces. Sometimes it’s not the same side of the world that the facade of a house is mostly facing. Then use a compass to determine both directions. Persons in apartments should determine the direction of the front door of the apartment and the direction of the main entrance to the building.
  2. The direction of the interior of the apartment or house should be established. Read the home from the center of the house. Keep the compass flat or place the compass on a flat surface to get an accurate reading.
    9 tips for proper compass use:
  3. Always determine the direction by holding the compass in a perfectly straight position on the palm of your hand, as this will give more accurate readings.
  4. Readings on the compass may interfere with metal or electrical fields. Therefore, determine each direction using 3 attempts.
  5. Try to keep the compass at waist level.
  6. Have a floor plan at hand so that you can record the direction immediately after reading. That way fewer mistakes are made.
  7. Before applying a compass for feng shui – it is desirable that each person learn something about the compass. To get closer to using a compass. To learn to read the direction in which a place is facing.
  8. A solid compass always has a scale that shows the degrees of all 8 directions and 24 subdirections of all directions. One point on the compass is set with 360 degrees.
  9. Each of the 4 main and 4 secondary directions occupies an angle of 45 degrees. 45 is multiplied by 8 = 360 degrees. When we extend the space from each point located in any of the 8 directions — the space in question will be contained within the arms of a 45-degree angle. You will understand this better when you compare each of the directions with a piece of cut pie. That is why this method of reading compasses and identifying space is called the Pie Method.
  10. The main directions are north, east, west and south. Secondary routes are northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest. Each of these directions covers an area in the range of 45 degrees.
  11. Each of the 8 directions can be further divided into 3 more directions. This means that each 45 degree angle can be divided into 3 15 degree angles. These sub-divisions are called the 24 mountains on the compass.

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