Flowers with powerful and delicate petals are part of perfumes, nourishing creams and baths

Hibiscus is called “natural botox” because it naturally strongly strengthens and smoothes the complexion. Flowers are traditionally used in the perfume industry. Among the most elite fragrant essences are essences from white classic flowers such as jasmine, gardenia and tuberose and orange blossom. Gentle and powerful petals of colorful flowers are an integral part of various creams and lotions for face and body care and baths. Flowers symbolize tenderness, femininity and sensuality. Essences from white flowers are always very popular in modern olfactory creations. Flowers are a pure delight with outstanding perfuming properties. 1. Jasmine extract, for example, is added to creams and baths because it perfectly revitalizes skin tone. 2. Orange blossom is a boon for sensitive, dehydrated skin and oily skin because it balances the secretion of sebum. 3. From the tiara flower (a type of gardenia that grows in Tahiti), the famous nourishing manoi oil was obtained. 4. Magnolia extract shields and firms the skin. Used in anti-age products. Magnolia essential oil is a common fragrant component of cosmetics. A number of other nourishing flowers are most often found in the heart of perfume compositions. They are known as first-class cosmetic rejuvenators (rose, magnolia, lilac, peony, iris, camellia). They are all rich in substances that soothe the skin and keep the skin fresh and supple. Exotic flower species are equally enchanting in the form of creams and perfumes. Orchids, ylang ylang and hibiscus stand out. Hibiscus is called “natural botox” because it naturally strongly strengthens and smoothes the complexion. A special place in the cosmetic world is occupied by the legendary plants of the Mediterranean climate. Lavender is a lifeline for problem skin. Immortelle is an immortal plant that erases wrinkles on the face. Marigold, chamomile, cornflower and poppy are current in cosmetic products. These flowers have a calming effect. That is why they are ideal for sensitive skin that needs especially mild preparations. The flowers of the trees (linden and elderberry) have an anti-inflammatory effect. Clean skin tone. The beauty industry has found new trump cards on mountain heights. Alpine willow thus puts in order oily and problematic skin. White mountain flowers “Reine Blanche” contain salicylic acid, which lightens pigmentation and evens out the complexion.

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