The cosmetic product “Primer” makes irregularities on the face less visible

With the use of Primer every makeup on the face looks more beautiful. Primers enriched with nourishing ingredients “regulate” the skin. Primers are true masters of illusion. These are particles that scatter light, creating an optical effect of “soft focus”. That is why irregularities on the face become less visible. In a busy everyday life, people do not have time to fix makeup. You are looking for reliable makeup that will not easily smear on your face or become pale. Looking for makeup that tolerates going to the gym, playing sports, sweating and similar situations. The beauty industry has come a long way today in the production of intensely pigmented structures. That is why makeup is much more durable and luxurious than in previous years. The cosmetic product “primer” experienced a big boom – bases that smooth the complexion before applying makeup. Makeup with such a foundation looks nicer and lasts longer. At first, there were only white primers and primers in a soft pink powder color. They served as a neutral painting canvas. New generations of these products are in pastel colors like concealers.

1. Pink primers- are recommended to achieve a fresh look.

2. Peach-colored primer – recommended for concealing dark circles.

3. Green primers-neutralize redness on the skin

4. Purple primers are a counterbalance to the yellowed tonality of facial skin.

5. Blue primers are the most common bases in terms of nourishing properties similar to moisturizers. Primers are generally increasingly related to facial care products because they contain high concentrations of vegetable oils, vitamins, minerals, and hyaluronic and salicylic acid. Depending on the combination of ingredients, the primary task of primers cosmetics is to fix the skin and make all irregularities on the face less visible. These multifunctional bases are offered in various versions. There are specially designed primers to be foundation lipstick, mascara and eye shadow. There are also spray primers that serve, among other things, to fix makeup on the face.

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