4 books by female writers


The Girl You Left Behind (by Jojo Moyes) – is a novel about two young women. Each of the women is fighting for what she loves most in her historical period. http://www.yoyomoyes.com

Those Who Leave And Those Who Stay (by Elena Ferrante) – this is the third novel in theatrology “Genius Friend”. The Italian writer again fascinates readers around the world.

Eleanor Olyphant is completely fine (by Gail Honeyman) -Honeyman is a Scottish writer. She won the Costa Book Award for Best Debut Novel. This novel is the story of a thirty-year-old girl at odds with social norms.

Super Attractor (by Gabrielle Bernstein) -writer was declared the leader of the new generation of thought because of the success of her previous titles. Bernstein was featured on the TV show Oprah show. She is a regular guest on the TV show Dr. Oz. She teamed up with Deepak Chopr in organizing the world’s largest meditation for the Guinness Book of Records. Mashable named the author a person whose inspirational posts should be followed on the Twitter social network. Bernstein is on the Forbes list among the 20 best branded women. In this book you can find simple and effective methods for realizing desires and dreams. The manual reveals how a person should relax and believe in order to get a wish fulfilled. By reading the book, a person realizes that spiritual guidance is always available. The person realizes that joy can be felt every day. Admire the wonders and synchronicities around you. The book gives the reader an insight to achieve lasting satisfaction and abundance. http://www.mashable.com http://www.gabbybernstein.com

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