Holidays on the balcony (or garden) in your own home

Any balcony or outdoor space, regardless of size, can be decorated with a cheap and smart design. Such a space will be functional throughout the year regardless of the season. Each person can take some time each day and create a place for relaxing moments and relaxation on the balconies / terraces and outdoor gardens. These precious outdoor square feet once cleared can also be an additional room (which is invaluable in small residential units), a dining room, living room or reading nook and coffee area. The method of arrangement and selection of equipment requires a specific floor plan of the balcony. Fortunately, there are many smart solutions designed for cramped spaces.

1. Thus, the “Balcony Bar” of the Dutch startup studio of the same name is ideal when you want to turn a narrow terrace into a small home restaurant or cafe. A simple wooden construction is attached to the fence. It leaves enough space for passage and landscaping.

2. Folding furniture is convenient because it can be easily stored (Pottery Barn wooden table and Fermob Bistro chair).

3. The sympathetic concept of the German studio Rephormhaus (specialized in compact furniture that saves space) is called “Balconcept”. It is a hybrid of a table and a pot for plants intended for rest or work in the fresh air. Put yourself on the fence. It functions as a work corner with a laptop or tablet. The front is flat and protected. Serves as a work surface or place to place glasses and plates. At the top of the structure is a recess for ice pots or pots with plants.

These solutions provide maximum usability in minimal space. They send the message that the size of the outdoor space doesn’t matter. A balcony larger than one square meter cannot safely be a green garden, a place for breakfast and a gathering of friends at the same time. It can become an intimate urban oasis. In this space, economy is achieved by smart design and unusual use of outdoor furniture (floor cushions). Floor cushions take up less space than deck chairs. They are easily reassembled and create a so-called “lounge” effect. Elements of the interior in the exterior (pillow or carpet) are always interesting. They give a feeling of comfort. Particularly practical are items made of water-resistant materials that are easy to maintain. The main desire of every balcony owner is to create a sense of privacy sheltered by plants, awning, umbrella, fabric that wraps around the fence. Vertical greenery acts as a wall between two balconies. The greenery that hangs on the front of the fence allows for protected sunbathing and rest. A reliable barrier is bamboo in pots that give a sense of exoticism. Adequate lighting should be provided for the outdoor arrangement of the balcony or garden. In the garden, the most beautiful flashing lights are in colorful glass cups, floor and wall lanterns or an ordinary lamp that shines thanks to an extension cord from the inside of the apartment.

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