Herbal essences are harmless even for children and pregnant women


“Rescue Remedy” is the name of the flower essence of the famous British doctor Edward Bach. It is a blend composed of 5 different herbal essences that help people in various crisis situations and emergencies. Drop four drops in a glass of plain water or if you don’t have water on hand – directly on the tongue. Herbal essences are harmless even for children and pregnant women. Alcohol is mainly used to store the essence. If this is a problem, make your own blend of herbal essences with glycerin (instead of alcohol) or seek advice from a qualified practitioner. Essences have no effect on the effect of other drugs.

12 most famous healers:

Cerato-doubts his own assessments and decisions

Encian-discouragement Kitsch-lack of pervasiveness, excessive desire to please other people Mimulus-anxiety, shyness, everyday fears


Pavitina-scattering, propensity to daydream

Rebratica-excessive conceit, restraint

Sporish-excessive energy and enthusiasm

Sunshine-Fear Fever-indecision, sudden mood swings

Turika-hidden suspicion

Cikory (Water drinker)-excessive interference in other people’s business

Make a personal blend of plant / flower essence: Drop 2 drops of each of the selected essences into an empty 30 ml bottle. Add a small glass of cognac. Then fill the bottle to the top with still mineral water. Use glycerin instead of cognac if you don’t want to use alcohol. Take as needed or 4 drops four times a day. A bottle of this preparation lasts 2-3 weeks if you use the essence regularly. When you have used up the essence, think about your feelings / states. If you feel the need then make another bottle with essential drops according to the same recipe or with different essences. For transient moods then drop 2 to 3 drops of the necessary essence into a glass of water and drink or drip directly on the tongue.



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