Flower essences are formed from the flowers of herbaceous and woody plants

Flower essences are stored in water. They are kept in alcohol. They are formed from the flowers of woody and herbaceous plants. They are used because of the possibility of therapeutic action on the mind and spirit. Many people believe that flower essences help to change the state of mind and restore emotional balance. They have no aggressive action. No side effects were reported. Flower essences are an ideal complement to other ways of treating people. English doctor Edward Bach was a bacteriologist, pathologist and homeopath. He was the first doctor to make flower essences in the 1930s in Wales. Dr. Bach concluded that human diseases are often a symbol of a deeper imbalance in people and their emotional lives. He believed that flowers could relieve mental pain and stress. He relied on his own intuition. So he tried a number of preparations on his body, researching the therapeutic effect of flower essences. He called this therapy “12 healers”. He made 26 more preparations and had a total of 38 flower products / essences. For each essence Dr. Bach claimed to help relieve some unpleasant emotions (e.g., fear, restlessness, anxiety, worry, impatience, and the like). Bach made medicines in liquid form so that they could be mixed according to the diagnosis of each individual. In the last decades, people around the world have taken over Bach’s ideas and claims in making new flower essences and floral-based preparations. Thus they increase the combination of flower essences and medicines available to treat people. The practitioner relies on all kinds of floral essences to make the combination adequate for a particular individual. The essences that describe a person’s personality are called “typical”. Essences that describe a particular mood are called auxiliary or mood essences. An essence is usually made that includes both mixtures. For example, a person who is to give a speech in front of a large audience receives from the practitioner Grapevine (typical essence) and Mumulus (auxiliary essence). For simple problems, one essence is usually enough. Unpleasant emotions that have accumulated in a certain person for years are resolved slowly, layer by layer. Practitioners stick to what is on the surface without going too deep into the hidden causes of a person’s particular mental state. The essences then act on the person’s current biggest problem in the order in which the problem occurs. Herbal / flower essences are considered a supplement to medical treatment. It is always a priority to seek advice from a doctor / medical staff and the necessary therapy. The supplement can then be the use of floral essence aimed at helping a patient with hidden emotional problems (which can be the cause of a health condition or unfortunately an additional aggravating circumstance).

Any person can do an experiment with flower essences at home

1. Choosing the wrong essence will in no way bring harm to the individual so that every person can experiment with flower essences at home. If you use your own choice of essence for 3 weeks without any improvement in your health, then consult a doctor / practitioner.

2. You don’t need to rush into choosing your own essence. First, slowly consider your own feelings and intuitively connect those feelings with your choice of floral essences.

3. Up to 7 essences can be used simultaneously.

4. Tip: Get some manual (with details about each medicine) if you want to use flower essences permanently.

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