Homeopathy therapy means “similar to similar treatment”

Homeopathy (Greek words “homoios” and “pathos”) means “similarity of disease.” That is why the main principle or guiding idea here is to “treat like with like”. Homeopaths believe that a substance taken in a large dose can cause symptoms of some diseases and taken in a small dose can treat the same symptoms. Such treatment can be applied to all people / patients without any harm. Homeopathy has only recently developed and perfected in more detail (although the understanding that the like is treated with the like is thousands of years old). More responsible for the development of homeopathy is Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) – a German physician, linguist and chemist. https://www.britannica.com/biography/Samuel-Hahnemann

Hahnemann developed a system of natural form of treatment. He dealt with the integrity of the individual. He checked and proved about 100 preparations. Today, all these preparations are in use. After his time, many more drugs were discovered. Homeopathic preparations are obtained from various sources (plants, minerals and even poisons). The dosage is in small quantities, so these preparations are harmless and harmless. The full name of the homeopathic preparation is given in Latin, and the name of the plant from which the preparation was obtained. Homeopaths generally use abbreviated forms of the name (the first word from the Latin name). The first meeting with a homeopath-qualified practitioner will examine the individual’s anamnesis, lifestyle and diet. They will ask the individual questions about personality, personality, illness and diagnosis. It thus determines a person’s physical and emotional state. Physical examination is rarely required. Because the key to a proper homeopathic diagnosis lies in listening and understanding the individual. Homeopaths believe that all people can, as a rule, cure their own ailments if they have a proper diet and take care of themselves. That is why the homeopath considers the symptoms of the disease to be signs that the body is fighting the disease. He prescribes a drug that would cause similar symptoms in higher doses. The purpose of homeopathy is to encourage self-healing of the individual The practitioner therefore discovers a medicine that suits the whole personality and not a medicine that only treats the symptoms of the disease. It considers the symptoms, personality, mood of the person and constitution. In principle, only one medicine is prescribed during one visit. Short follow-up visits at intervals of 3 to 4 weeks are usually required. If a person suffers from a long-term illness, it is advisable to visit a more experienced practitioner. When treating children and the elderly, a previous visit to the doctor is desirable. Application of homeopathy at home You should first have the findings / opinion (diagnosis) of a doctor before starting to use homeopathic preparations at home.

Most homeopathic remedies are in pill form and are easily obtained.

1. For injuries, a cream is used, which should be applied liberally and rubbed in lightly.

2. Homeopathic cream “Calendula” (Marigold) is used to treat minor cuts and scratches.

3. “Hypercal” is used to treat insect bites.

4. A constitutive drug is often considered effective for treating chronic conditions (e.g., arthritis).

5. Homeopathic pills are used to touch only the pill you are going to take with your fingers. Or put it in a small spoon beforehand and drink it.

6. It is important to know that a homeopathic preparation can temporarily cause mild worsening of the condition before it starts to eliminate these conditions.

7. Children and infants should be given the medication crushed into a powder.

8. Homeopathic preparations are used in very small concentrations and there is little danger of any harmful effects (even possibly prescribed high doses).

9. Potentiation is the process of turning matter into a homeopathic preparation. It is alternately diluting and shaking the substance until no physical molecules of the original substance remain in the solution. Homeopaths believe that alternating dilution and shaking of the substance is performed several times – the preparation becomes stronger and more effective. The more the solution is diluted, the stronger the effect of the solution. A number and a letter are added to the preparations. For example, 30 C means that the process of dilution and search on that substance was performed 30 times (each time in a ratio of 1: 100).

10. The sixth power or strength (6 C) is ideal for home use. Use of homeopathic pills: these pills have a mild sweet taste because they contain milk sugar (lactose). The interval between 2 doses varies from every hour to once a day (depending on the patient’s condition). Put the pills on a clean tongue (preferably 15 minutes after eating or after brushing your teeth). Some practitioners recommend avoiding caffeine while using the therapy because it reduces the effectiveness of the therapy. The pill should be sucked first for 30 seconds, then the pill should be chewed and swallowed. Stop taking the medication when symptoms subside. If symptoms return, start treatment again. In acute diseases, if there is no improvement within 24 hours – choose another medicine.


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