The most common outdoor use of plants at home

External use of plants is in the form of creams, shampoos, lotions and other herbal preparations. These products are suitable for first aid and in the form of emergency medicine. Preparing your own medicines gives you a better insight into the control over the ingredients. Some herbal preparations are not available in stores.

Herbal Baths are an easy and pleasant way to enjoy the mild effects of plants on the human body.

1. To bathe in the tub under the tap, attach a cloth bag with herbs (dry or fresh) while filling the tub with water.

2. For a beneficial effect on the hands and feet-in a bowl of hot water add a strong herbal decoction (water extract) of one or more plants. Keep your hands or feet in this bowl until the water has cooled.

Herbs for inhalation — fresh or dried herbs are used. Store a strong herbal decoction in a ceramic or glass bowl. Lean your face over the bowl. Cover your head with a towel. Inhale the vapor from the container.

Herbal compresses-the best helper for sprains and bruises, lowering body temperature and relieving headaches. Dip a clean piece of cloth into a strong decoction (hot or cold) or corroded tincture. Squeeze out excess liquid. Wrap the fabric around the affected area.

Warm balms for care – used to remove pimples and ulcers. They relieve nerve or muscle pain. Ointments are made from fresh and dried leaves of the plant. Finely chop the plants. Pour water to cover the plants. Heat the mixture to boiling point. Place a hot mixture between two pieces of cotton gauze. Apply a warm compress to the affected area. Secure the dressing with a cotton bandage attached with a band-aid or safety needle. Use a hot water bottle to keep the balm hot. Replace the balm when it cools.

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