The use of medicinal herbs is the oldest form of medicine

To reduce the symptoms, strengthen the weaker organism and its own healing power in the body, one of the oldest forms of medicine is the use of medicinal herbs. Herbalists claim that imbalances in the body can help a lot thanks to the natural balance of ingredients in certain plants. Medicinal herbs can be used for mild ailments, boosting energy and immunity. It is suitable for so-called “self-medication” but with the help of the advice of experienced herbalists and herbal medicine practitioners. There are qualified doctors who deal with the use and utilization of plants. Herbal treatment probably developed from the use of plants in the diet with mistakes, attempts, but also numerous experiences and through close contact with nature. With the development of science, certain ingredients are extracted from plants and the chemical matter from the plant and the connection with the action are discovered. This experience of medical researchers helped herbalists to better understand plants, although it did not affect the way herbalists work. Herbalists have always believed that the whole plant is used and helps heal the human spirit and body. We usually choose plants by one ingredient. Although other ingredients of the plant are important and can be combined with other plants. Thus, they can enhance the effect of the main ingredient of the plant and prevent possible side effects. There are herbal preparations that contain one, two or several main ingredients taken from the plant. Naturopaths do not have medical qualifications, although they do extensive training. Herbalists are always looking for the main cause of an individual’s problems, asking about the anamnesis, lifestyle, diet. Herbalists believe that the hidden problem cannot be solved until the disorder is stopped but the symptoms of the disorder are alleviated or suppressed with plants. Herbalists usually recommend a mixture of herbs suitable for the needs of the individual. Conversations usually last one hour. Later visits to herbalists due to possible adjustments to the basic therapy take about 30 minutes. There used to be hospitals under the leadership of monks. They had their own gardens with medicinal herbs that provided a constant source of herbal remedies.

5 recommendations for the use of herbal medicines:

1. Medicinal plants contain active ingredients that can be harmful if used in large doses. The recommended dose / strength should always be adhered to. The doctor’s advice is useful for doubts. 2. For all over-the-counter medicines, follow the dosage / strength of the written instructions.

3. Medicinal herbs in combination with conventional medicines should not be used without medical supervision.

4. Pregnant women, nursing mothers and people over the age of 70 should consult a doctor before starting to use herbal medicines.

5. To determine the correct dose / strength of herbal medicines for children under 16 years of age – a consultation with doctors is necessary.

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