Rainwater is a very useful natural water

People who have a house and a garden should (at least occasionally) leave empty bins in front of the house when it rains. Rainwater is soft and very useful water. Rainwater rescued residents of besieged Sarajevo between 1992 and 1995 who had no access to water because remote water reservoirs were constantly shelled / limited by sniper shots.

  1. It is very useful to occasionally water the plants in the home or on the balcony with rainwater (instead of plain water).
  2. Hair after shampooing is also gratefully rinsed with rainwater. The hair will be soft and stronger.
  3. Vegetables, plants and fruits grown in greenhouses and indoors should sometimes be watered with rainwater.
  4. It is also useful for people and adult children to sometimes be in the rain on purpose (with their head protected) because they strengthen their immunity so well. Of course, it is advisable to warm up immediately or stay in a warm place longer.
  5. It is also helpful to stand in a semi-sheltered but open space when it is raining and breathe air that is fresher and cleaner.

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