7 ways to gain better memory

Brain abilities (which include memory and the acquisition of acquired knowledge and experience) are still being explored. So far we know that memory is the ability to retain what is learned / experienced in memory. Experiences that fade with age — still leave traces in the brain.

  1. Encouraging memories – by repeating experiences, renewing thoughts and traces from the past, we encourage former memories. It helps all generations. Example: Recently, my old car stopped in the middle of a busy road without a warning sign. The traffic was congested and people walked around my car in a hurry and nervously. There was a crowd and less traffic chaos. Suddenly an unknown man in a dirty blue work suit ran up to me and offered to look at the malfunction. As the man watched and repaired the defect under the hood- I realized I knew that gray head from somewhere. It turned out to be a former colleague of mine from school. A colleague was a mechanic and due to a combination of happy circumstances the fault was rectified. We drank coffee at a nearby cafe with reminiscences of various adventures and harmless children’s hoaxes from school. It was an unlucky-happy event with a nice ending.
  2. Remembering recent events – every day try to remember yesterday’s event no matter how banal it was. Every recollection is a brain exercise. Example: Remember every day all the activities you did the day before (grocery shopping, home cleaning, and the like).
  3. Recognition – it is harder to remember an event from the past than to recognize an event. Say out loud everything that happened, repeat the topics of conversation, people’s names, and talk in longer sentences. Example: read a newspaper or a book then read a sentence aloud. You will be surprised how useful this exercise is for the brain. Work preferably daily. Or instead of saying it out loud, then write or rewrite whole long sentences on a piece of paper, notebook, notebook, old newspaper and the like.
  4. Create images in your head — this exercise helps boost memory. Remember regularly all the pictures from the events experienced and the participants in those events. This is visual memory. Observe everything around you – absorb images and small seemingly insignificant images of objects, living and non-living beings around you, nature and the like.
  5. Remember the words of the songs — it’s easier to remember the words of the songs we listen to than we read. Turn on the radio the good old fashioned way. Listen carefully to the selected Radio Channel / radio show and memorize as many words as possible. The next day, try to remember all the words of the listened song or at least most of the words of the song. Each repetition is a brain / memory exercise.
  6. Memory by associations – with each event another event occurs (before or after the experienced event). Such experiences are connected and remembered. Example: I met an old neighbor at the store today. We picked fruits and vegetables together. A yellow XXL sweater worn by my former neighbor caught my eye. I remembered wearing that sweater for years. Today it was still worn and yellow but with hand-embroidered flowers and patterns in various colors of thread. I liked the sweater even more. This worn-out pocket suited my old neighbor very well. So I praised her lovely and charming look that fixed my day.
  7. Music is a healing way to gain peace of mind, relaxation and general relaxation. Lovers of classical music can find peace with the compositions of Mozart and Beethoven. Many people prefer modern instrumental music tuned to 432 Hz. A frequency of 432 Hz is considered ideal for achieving mental and physical balance.


  1. Dear Chen,

    Many great people I have met only by chance in some unusual situations. Nobody introduced us to each other -only circumstances at the time. That’s life.


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