Dry and dehydrated skin care is different


Beauticians believe that dry skin lacks oil, which is solved by applying fatty nutrients. Dehydrated skin is a skin condition that lacks water at the cellular level (which can cause acne, wrinkles and irritation). Dehydrated skin is addressed by applying moisturizing ingredients.


3 tips for dry skin care:
-Choose moisturizing creams that soothe the skin rather than lotions and gel-creams. Choose products with shea butter, urea, olive or jojoba oil, hyaluronic and lactic acid. These ingredients give the skin hydration and a mild exfoliation to shine again.
-use day and night cream, face masks-twice a week. Use moisturizing masks in the form of wipes. Make a homemade cream with banana, honey and avocado.
-avoid facial cleansing products that contain sulfates, alcohol, synthetic fragrances. A better choice are creamy milk and a hydrating tonic (with salicylic, glycolic and hydroxylic acid) than micellar water, a bubble bath that further dries the skin.
5 tips for dehydrating skin care:
-Dehydrating skin still secretes sebum (unlike dry skin) do not use too rich creams and products with oily ingredients. Use products with water that hydrates the skin.
-Use boosters, serums, masks and moisturizers with seaweed, Aloe Vera, hyaluronic, alginic, glycolic and linoleic acid, B vitamins, collagen and antioxidants. These products have a restorative effect. In order for dehydrated skin to look youthful, products with a restorative effect are needed.
-Every other day, use serums and boosters to see the ultimate beneficial effect on the skin.
-Use gentle and effective facial cleansers that will not make your skin tight, oily or dry. Do not use sharp peels, nor coarse sponges, rags and cleaning brushes.
-do not use mineral oils, pictures, alcohol, sulfates and natural and synthetic perfumes in all care products because they further dry out and irritate dehydrated skin.

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