The famous New York Times magazine weighed 3 kilograms in 1963

The large and respected American news magazine New York Times is published in New York. It was founded on September 18, 1851. The founder of the New York Times was the politician Henry Jarvis Reymond. 1896 ownership taken over by Adolf Oax. Today it is owned by the Sulzberger family. It maintains the opinion of the people gathered around the Democratic Party. The magazine regularly publishes rich and supported articles / contributions from literature, education, finance, and has a particularly famous literary supplement. He publishes dozens of special contributions. The famous issue of the magazine was published on April 7, 1963. The then New York Times weighed 3 kilograms and weighed 702 pages. The magazine has several thousand employees. The New York Times has the largest and most organized network of correspondents in the world. An abridged edition for Europe is being printed in Amsterdam. There is a special Latin American edition of the New York Times magazine. The circulation of the magazine is 1,400,000 copies (data as of September 30, 2014). The magazine has just under 1 million copies a day. It ranks 3rd after USA Today and The Wall Street Journal. The online edition of the New York Times magazine is the most popular.
The popular motto of the magazine “All the News Thats Fit to Print” is still known today. The New York Times with its journalists (today it has about 350 journalists) has won the most Pulitzer Prizes in the world so far, as many as 101 awards.
The magazine has the sympathetic nickname “The Gray Lady”.

The price of the magazine is 6 USA Dollars.

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