Sally Rooney and Coffee Table Book

Eat, Drink, Nap Bringing The House Home is a hit release of the popular British members only concept Soho House. The term “Coffee Table Book” has become clearer since Instagram and Pinterest gave people a chance to peek into the homes of famous interior designers or bloggers began to discover their favorites.
Glamorous oversized books are an absolute hit in the homes of many people and fans of interior design. They represent a kind of statement detail, although they are not new because they have been decorating spaces since the 16th century. The concept of “Coffee Table Book” is a decorative element (decorative book) that is positioned in prominent places in the home (table, separate shelves, nightstand). The purpose of these items is to relax people with tea or coffee while comfortably reclining in their favorite armchair enjoying their free time. It is true that for some a considerable amount of money should be set aside given that the titles carry some of the most prestigious names from the world of fashion, music, photography or design. Some coffee table books became famous only because of their visual identity. The price is reasonable. They are equally beautiful and interesting. One such book is Eat, Drink, Nap by the popular British members only concept Soho House. Soho House was founded in 1995 as a club for members that offers its guests everything (restaurant, hotels, spa, entertainment, relaxation, networking). They built their reputation with cool content, a high sense of aesthetics. Eventually they became one of the world’s most attractive private clubs. Over the years, they have spread all over the world. Today they have 28 houses in the world’s metropolises where members can get whatever they want. Rumors are circulating that the waiting list has exceeded 30,000 people. The membership process is extensive and long.

People who are not members are given an insight into how good it would be to join with visuals that appeal to moments of enjoyment. They collected these visuals in one book with an attractive title – Eat, Drink, Nap. Experience in all the fields in which they are active (restaurant, bars, hotels, etc.) gave them the idea to share tips with the audience. In the book there are recipes for food and drinks that marked Soho House, tips on interior design, organizing a good party or how to decorate the living room for the perfect atmosphere. Beige cover and attractive title made the book a hit in many Instagram homes, even those that not interested in internal content. It combines very nicely with other books. It is a great addition to any collection. You can order it
Beautiful World, Where are you (by Sally Rooney) – after ‘Normal People’ after which the excellent series and the novel ‘Conversations With Friends’ were filmed, the third novel by Sally Rooney arrives.

Sally Rooney’s books have been featured in literary recommendations countless times. Writer Rooney’s books are some of the best titles to read. Ingenious novels are ‘Conversations With Friends’ and ‘Normal People’. Short stories are also available. Her style and tone of writing, the topics she deals with in her own unique way, and the view of a specific generation on the present, have labeled the Irish writer Rooney as one of the best new authors.
The plot of the book is completely a Rooney world. It is located, like her previous books, in Dublin. It revolves around four main characters; writer Alice, her best friend Eileen, and their love sympathies Felix and Simon. They try to balance love, work and identities in today’s world. The book should also be imbued with themes specific to today’s generations, such as uncertainties about the future and political reality. Rooney returns once again to his field – complex characters and their even more complex interpersonal relationships in capitalist-infused Ireland.
It has been confirmed that Sally Rooney’s new book is not the only one she will be releasing any time soon. The author has signed a contract for two novels! The details of the second book are not yet known, but this is certainly the first news to mark the literary world in 2021.


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