Strengthening energy for good health and longevity (Feng Shui)

The benevolent elephant is a symbol of happiness in giving birth to children — considered a Feng Shui practice. Practitioners of this ancient philosophy say that placing the figure of a benevolent elephant next to the bed contributes to the happiness associated with having children. Good health means longevity — is the view of Feng Shui. Chinese or Feng Shui practitioners believe that it is better to prevent (disease) than to cure (disease).
There are several ways to ensure good health.

  1. The most important thing is to protect yourself from the sharp edges of corners and ceiling beams during sleep. If you are currently in this situation – try to move the bed so that it is not directly on the “line of fire”. If this is not feasible, try to attach two bamboo sticks connected with a red thread (or ribbon) along the edge of the beam or corners. Bamboo sticks soften the effect of the ceiling beams above the bed and the sharp edges of the corners. Place the sticks at an angle to resemble the letter A and about 15 cm apart from each other. Otherwise, people who sleep under the load can suffer from headaches and migraines.
  2. Activation of happiness for the good health of the occupants of each home is the display of at least one of the 3 symbols of longevity (bamboo, peach or pine). All 3 symbols can be displayed on the walls in the form of paintings. Otherwise, the Chinese love their deity of longevity called “Sau” (it is the figure of a bald old man who often wears a stick and a peach accompanied by a deer – also a symbol of longevity). The presence of this old man in the home brings miraculous energy. Invite him to visit your home (in the form of drawings, etc.).
  3. Masters of feng shui believe that the impact of the intangible chia-star disease is the root cause of all serious suffering and diseases that affect people. The Chinese love their Yearbook. In this book of favorable and unfavorable days of the current year, all days and months are listed. With the help of the Yearbook, you can easily calculate dangerous days during the year.

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