Marigold, horseradish and thyme to alleviate various ailments

Marigold is a plant useful for toothache. An annual plant with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Marigold should be sown directly into the soil. Marigold flower is used for medicinal purposes. Marigold is dried in special dryers where the air temperature does not exceed 40 ° C. Dry and fresh raw material is used to prepare the medicinal liquid. Pour a tablespoon of dried marigold flowers with 200 ml of boiling water. After 30 minutes, strain the liquid. The mouth should be rinsed with warm liquid to treat toothache and sore flesh in the mouth.
Thyme-relieves unpleasant pain. This is a perennial dwarf shrub. It is used in cooking and medicine. For medicinal purposes, the aboveground part of the plant is used during flowering. The raw material is dried and crushed to discard tough stems. Pour ten grams of dried herbs with 100 ml of brandy. Let stand 10 days in a dark place. During an attack of accompanied pain, take 15 drops of medicinal liquid. The alcoholic tincture of the plant is suitable against severe pain during neuralgia.
Horseradish – a perennial plant represented in medicine and cooking. It can be found along its entire length along river banks on moist soil. Horseradish root is thick and long. Horseradish leaves are large. The main stem can grow up to 1.5 meters. Horseradish is easily propagated by cutting the rhizome. This plant is quite aggressive, so you should limit the space provided for planting horseradish. It is best to arrange / plant horseradish in the back of the garden where other medicinal plants are. Horseradish leaves and rhizomes are used for pain (nerve inflammation). Finely grate the rice after cleaning. Put on a sore spot instead of a compress. Wait for a noticeable warming of the “painful part of the body”. Wash the leaves and crumple a little. Put the crumpled leaves on the sore spot on the body. Wrap in foil then with a scarf. Best kept overnight.

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