M. Enriquez, S. de Beauvoir, L. Padura, and Michael Lewis’s books


1.“Things We Lost in the Fire” (by Mariane Enríquez) is a collection of short horror stories by the best Argentine writer of the new generation, Mariane Enríquez. The author brings excellent stories about the Argentine suburbs. Short horror stories are framed by horror, horror and horror.
2.”Unseparatable” (by Simone de Beauvoir) – is a hitherto unpublished novel. The novel was written in 1954. It gives new light to the growing up of the author Beauvoir. She talks about the passionate and tragic friendship between Simona and Zaza, as well as the existentialist and intellectual ambitions of this respected feminist and theorist.
3.Crime series (by Leonardo Padura Fuentes) – is for fans of quality crime literature. It is an award-winning crime series by Cuban writer Leonardo Padura.
The Perfect Bet & Boomerang (by Michael Lewis) -Lewis is a journalist and writer known for writing understandably entertaining books with large and difficult topics. The characters of the novel are unusual but completely ordinary characters.
4.The Perfect Bet- is a novel that is read in one breath. A book according to which an excellent film was made. The four outsiders see what the big banks, media and regulators refuse to see. It is the impending collapse of the world economy. The idea of ​​a bet of the century arises. Their courageous investment will lead them to the underworld of the banking world where they will doubt everything and everyone. Lewis turned the crisis into a true financial thriller that mirrors the greed, negligence, deception, incompetence and arrogance of Wall Street.
5.Boomerang – the trademark of M. Lewis’ best-selling book is to tell a story through oversized characters. The characters are so strange that you might think they are fictional – but they are not. In this book, you will meet, for example, a cod fisherman who, after three days of training, becomes a currency trader in an Icelandic bank. Then, the Irish builder, desperate for the collapse of the business, drove the whole country to attack the parliament with his construction equipment – and many more characters and their experiences.





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