4 tips to keep spring hyacinths more upright (and mimosas)


Hyacinth is a fragrant harbinger of spring. It is a flower with a sweet scent that conquers with its purple, white or pink color. Hyacinth is a heavier flower that can bend due to its weight. We buy hyacinths when they are in bloom or at the end of flowering. Indoor hyacinths need a few days to bloom after which the problem becomes the weight of the flower. Hyacinths lean to one side also due to lack of light or excessive heat in the rooms.

  1. Place the hyacinths in a bright place without direct exposure to light.
  2. Stick a small wooden stick into the ground and tie it with a ribbon to the stalk of the hyacinth so that it does not bend. A smaller bamboo stalk is one option.
  3. Wrap the stem with floral wire to make the wire less visible or invisible. Florist wire can be purchased at specialty stores.
  4. Or place the hyacinths in a vase high enough to keep the flowers upright.
    Every year and every third Saturday in January, the Day of the Fight Against Cervical Cancer is celebrated. Then, in early February, the flowering season of this delicate flower full of symbolism begins. In March, everything smells of mimosas, which in some countries are a symbol of International Women’s Day. Mimosa in many cultures symbolizes woman, freedom, sensitivity and emancipation. It blooms in cold and icy conditions and shows strength and resilience – common characteristics of many women around the world.
    Mimosa branches are full of delicate yellow flowers. Mimosas will look more beautiful if combined with other yellow flowers. Mimosa remove damaged leaves along the stem to keep the flowers beautiful and alive longer. Then rinse the branch under running water before placing it in a vase with water. The suggestion is to choose a vase of turquoise color which in combination with yellow mimosas is pleasing to the eye and creates positive energy.
    Mimosa is a flower that can gather and close the leaves when something from the environment bothers you. It will stay that way for about twenty minutes. Then the sheets will start opening again. This feature of this delicate flower is the reason why sensitive people are often called “mimosas” or “a person is as sensitive as a mimosa.

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