Mini fountains (aquarium or small lake) bring exceptional happiness in your career

In the north corner of the living room there is a universal career corner that is applicable to all persons of the household. This angle can be properly activated by the water that drives it. This creates great career happiness for all family members – says the Feng Shui philosophy.

Symbols for the home that bring business success

  1. All ambitious people who want to have a great business career and happiness related to business success should have a small lake with bar turtles or an aquarium to the north of the home. Or at least the character of a turtle in that part of the home.
  2. It is a great idea to have a bar turtle as a pet in the office / business space. Or keep the turtle on a desk or shelf because the turtle’s precious energy provides protection from business intrigue / problems.
  3. Water arrangements fit well in the northern part of the home because the north belongs to the water element — according to Feng Shui tips. Install a mini fountain, aquarium or even a small lake in the north because it brings exceptional happiness in the career of all the householders.
  4. Special bells made of 7 different metals (including silver and gold) symbolize “high” positions in the business environment. If you want to advance your business career, huge success or compete for an important business position – the daily ringing of bells in the north or northwest of the home increases the chances of success.
  5. Chinese officials from the court in ancient times wore embroidered signs of auspicious symbols on their chests, which meant their “high” position in the entire hierarchy. Ties for men and scarves for women are the closest equivalent to auspicious symbols of power.
  6. Both women and men should wear jewelry that brings happiness. Look for ties, tie cuffs, buttons and scarf / tie pins that have convenient symbols on them. The celestial dragon is the most auspicious symbol of career happiness. Excessive wearing of dragons or other celestial symbols brings bad luck / imbalance.
  7. The legendary unicorn and the phoenix celestial bird are some of the powerful symbols that bring progress in business careers and business in general. The phoenix bird brings new opportunities that it is desirable to carry unemployed people, people in unfavorable business situations. It is an extremely good symbol that helps in these situations. Wear a ring with a phoenix image or attach a phoenix image to the north wall of the home.
  8. Pay attention to all the sharp, sharp and hostile things that are in your home. Check the main door, the area around the main entrance and the rooms where you eat, work and sleep. Protect the main entrance door as the straight-line access, car access and pedestrian paths should not be directed towards the main door / entrance to the home. If this is the case, place a mirror in the hallway or just above the door. Do the same if there is a triangular end of a roof, a lone tree, a pole or a tower (water tower, antenna tower, etc.) behind the main door.
  9. Tall and dominant buildings that are directly in front of the main door / entrance to your home are also unfavorable. Especially if the finish of the building faces your main front door. This would be best sheltered by trees and high walls.
  10. For prosperity in the home, try not to place the stove in the northwest corner of the kitchen.

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