13 simple life rules for problems caused by sand (stone) in the kidneys, urinary tract and liver


Frequent use of alcohol, sedentary (sedentary) lifestyle and daily use of too fatty foods lead to the appearance of sand or stones in the kidneys, increased levels of liver enzymes and sand / stones in the urinary tract. There are tips on how to alleviate ailments and prevent pain.

  1. It is desirable to do a medical examination (and ultrasound of the abdomen) twice a year to keep the disease under control.
  2. The person should walk more in the fresh air.
  3. A person should choose lean fish and vegetable dishes instead of fatty, salty and spicy foods and flour products.
  4. It is advisable to squat when lifting heavy loads, working in the garden or washing floors instead of bending over.
  5. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes of larger sizes instead of clothes that tighten the stomach.
  6. It is advisable not to sleep two hours after a meal / meal but to wait for more than that time to pass.
  7. It is advisable to make small portions 5 to 6 times a day instead of larger portions of food.
  8. It is not desirable for a person to suffer acute hunger or constantly starve to reduce pain.
  9. It is necessary for a person to “save” the digestive tract as much as possible. Especially with complications and major problems with kidney stones. During the first two days, you should drink a little non-carbonated mineral water diluted with the same amount of boiled water (fruit juices and berries that are not acidic diluted with the same amount of water), pomegranate drink. Once the pain subsides a person can use pureed food.
  10. A person should eat small meals always at certain times so as not to burden the digestive organs. A person can start consuming low-fat cow’s cheese, meat (non-fat, mashed and steamed), lean and cooked fish.
  11. Completely fried, spicy, smoked, fatty and canned foods, nuts, pastries and some raw vegetables and fruits, as well as alcohol and carbonated beverages should be excluded from the diet.
  12. Tea, natural juices, milk, mineral water and sour-milk drinks are recommended. Mineral water and vitamins should be used gradually (B vitamins and ascorbic acid are especially important).
  13. Use supplements that stimulate the secretion of the gallbladder.




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