Geisterküsse juice is a quality food supplement

Geisterküsse is a treasure trove of high-value nutrients whose regular consumption helps vital functions in the body.
A quality food supplement from a completely natural source, symbolically called “Kisses of the Spirit”. This drink was created with a special purpose – to strengthen the body, provide a feeling of refreshment, increase energy levels in the body and clear the mind.
Beetroot, lemon, ginger, honey, walnuts, yeast, fennel, thyme, chamomile, sesame oil and coriander are useful foods for health. They are precisely blended into this balanced and functional beverage. Thus they contribute to the vitality of the organism.
The life cycle of humanity over the millennia has left great traces and shifts on the planet, nature and species. Nature always offers a solution. The man is not alone. The existence of people is always in synergy with nature, even when people are not aware of it. In the form of the seemingly simplest elements from nature come gifts for the path to a successful future.
Geisterkűsse (Kisses of the Spirit) is a unique and modern version of a traditional, healthy drink for a perfect start to the day filled with natural energy and strength.
Ingredients and benefits
fresh beet juice
medicinal herbs
“Kisses of the spirit” is a drink that contributes to health, a registered dietary supplement with carefully selected and harmonized ingredients from a natural source that synergistically enhance the unquestionable power and beneficialness of beets. health benefits.Interaction of all ingredients this drink gets a special beneficial potential.
The interaction of ingredients has achieved the goal of well-being for humanity.

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