The liver is preserved by mint, oats, chamomile, wormwood, immortelle and Silybum marianum

Liquid oatmeal made with boiled water is the best dish for breakfast. It has dietary and medicinal properties and protects the liver.
Silybum marianum is the most popular liver protection plant. The properties of this plant were known and used in the times of ancient Greece, Rome and ancient India. Silymarin is the main active substance of this plant. It prevents the destruction of cell membranes and stimulates the growth of new liver cells.
Today, many drugs to treat the liver are made on the basis of extracts of medicinal herbs and plants. The natural components of these seeds stimulate the formation of bile, improve the composition of bile and contribute to better swelling. These are great antispasmodics. Any person can occasionally practice phytotherapy. Herbal mixtures should be procured only in herbal and standard pharmacies. In pharmacies, the doses, storage conditions and shelf life are strictly determined and controlled. In popular herbal blends are used immortelle, mint, wormwood and chamomile.


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