10 tips for more efficient work from home


Working at home can be enjoyable and efficient and can be made more productive with advice. Crisis staff provisions and measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus globally have forced most people to work from home. Although there were already people who had been doing many jobs for a long time from all over the world. Still, many people have only recently learned what it means to work outside the firm. For successful and uninterrupted work, it is important to have the location, conditions and equipment that allows it.

  1. Morning rituals should be determined and followed – rituals are very important because the way people wake up can greatly affect the rest of the day. Nurturing habits helps you focus and be more productive throughout the day. In this way, the organizational skills of the individual are also practiced.
  2. Comfortable work clothes – helps the person to switch to a working mindset. Clothing greatly influences the enjoyment of the role, that is, the creation of the feeling that the person is at work in the company. Creates a better feeling during video call communications.
  3. Just organize one part of the room in the home – find the perfect relaxing and inspiring place in the home. Make a mini office. The work corner should be neat, arranged with the necessary items for the working part of the day. This is an exercise for the brain that is trained by daily work in the same location. The brain connects the chosen place with work. The parts of the home that are normally used for rest and relaxation encourage feelings of drowsiness and unproductivity.
  4. Any object or distraction that takes time should be eliminated – most communication takes place via mobile phone or laptop. The sound of a message or notification that is not urgent, and interrupts us every few minutes greatly reduces concentration, productivity and the desire to complete a work task. The solution is simple. Disconnect the internet and mute notifications on your private cell phone during work. Received notifications can be viewed during the break. Emergency notifications should be answered. Other calls / notifications should be left for later.
  5. Rules and schedule for other activities and responsibilities in the household should be agreed with the household – for the efficient execution of work tasks should be designed schedule for all other responsibilities (child care, cooking

lunch, going for a walk with the children, taking care of pets and the like). This makes it easier to plan tasks and anticipate what is needed. Thus, each individual can be harmonized with the work obligations and obligations of other household members.

  1. The daily list of tasks and jobs (the so-called “to do” list) is useful – it is an ideal ally in the organization of work from home. It allows you to prioritize and monitor the progress of tasks. This is essential to make it easier to focus on goals where valuable time is not wasted on incidental household chores.
  2. A daily break is an important part of the day – for greater productivity it is important to have breaks during work. Breaks can be short (3 to 5 minutes) or longer (15 to 30 minutes). During the break, time should be used for refreshing activities (coffee, tea, meal, going out on the balcony for fresh air, yoga, mini stretching exercises).
  3. Constant contacts with other people / colleagues – a job interview is needed but time should be set aside from time to time for short casual conversations that serve to develop closeness and a sense of belonging to the team. It is recommended that communication is not just email. Send a message to your loved ones / co-workers at least once a week or connect by video call via Zoom or Teams.
  4. The working day should end with the closing of the office — leaving the office usually marks the end of working hours. The same habits should continue to be nurtured at home (cleaning the desk and directing attention to other activities). It is not good if the working day is extended to 24 hours because, in the long run, it is not healthy. Some low battery activity. Some full battery activities. Therefore, it is important to maintain a quality balance between all parts of human life.
  5. You should have the appropriate equipment and accessories for work – no matter how long the working day lasts, it is important to have all the necessary equipment at hand. Of course, you should not invest too much money in expensive equipment, but you should get the basics for faster and easier work. It is important to choose a good video camera for everyday communication with colleagues and constructive meetings. Among the best on the market, the Logitech C 920 webcam with full HD resolution, autofocus, stereo sound and automatic light adjustment stands out. http://www.logitech.com

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