6 tips for romance, love, marriage and family happiness


The components of happiness in the family are romance, love and marriage. So says Feng Shui philosophy that can enhance happiness and romance and bring a “life companion” which is not for frivolous people. Feng shui does not guarantee a perfect match (which depends on the character of the individual), but it causes the maturation of family / marital happiness and the activation of energy for love.

  1. Love life should be illuminated with bright lights. The energy of happiness in love is attracted by the well-lit southwestern parts of the home. Use white, red or yellow light.
  2. The strengthening of the earth element is achieved by a lump of natural quartz and by means of crystals. In the southwestern part of the home, place a lump on the table. Put on a pair of mandarin ducks (not wild ducks that are unfaithful to partners). Mandarin geese and ducks are faithful to their partners for the rest of their lives.
  3. If there is a toilet in the southwestern part of the house, then hang a 5-stick bell near the toilet. Paint the inside of the toilet door red. Or cover the outside of the door with a large mirror.
  4. If there is no southwestern part of the house — then use the sectors of the southwestern part of the dining room or living room.
  5. Good luck to the residents of the home will be brought by placing a ladder (bells of 6 small sticks that make up metal energy) in the northwestern part of the home.
  6. The walls of the home painted with appropriate colors will bring happiness to the home. Certain walls (dining rooms and living rooms) painted with strong colors bring especially good luck to the home. The south wall (only one wall) of the living room (or dining room) painted bright red – brings fame and recognition. Only one north wall painted in very blue brings success in career and business. The southwest wall painted a light yellow corn brings love, romance, a happy marriage, and generally good relationships among people. The northeast wall painted yellow with corn brings good luck on exams / school. The west wall painted in gold brings wealth and happiness to the children. Financial support comes from the northwest wall painted in gold. The wood-covered wall to the east of the home brings excellent health as does the southeast wall painted a spring green color.

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