Olive wood utensils and items


Olives estimated to be up to 2000 years old exist in Greece, Israel and Croatia (the island of Pag and the famous ecological park “Gardens of Lun Olives”). Useful household and restaurant items and souvenirs are made of this wood. In Croatia, there is a company that makes souvenirs and useful items using logs felled during storms. This wood is old and hard as the stone from which it penetrated. The processing of such wood requires special technology and processing skills. The quality is top notch. Old olive wood requires finishing, sanding, polishing and protection with natural olive or linseed oil. The largest producers of olive useful objects and sacral souvenirs are Israel, Italy and Tunisia. They use plantation olives that are planted and grown only for fast-growing wood, for mass production. Such wood is much lighter, sparser in structure and uniform in color.













Via delle terme, 6 53100 – Siena, Italy

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Yardenit Bapstimal Site. Yardenit Baptismal Site Kibbutz Kinneret Jordan Valley 1511800. Israel. E: info@yardenit.com. T: +972 (0)4 675 9111. www.yardenit.com




Our Marcelli family love affair (yes, it’s that special) with this exceptional Italian olive wood began over 12 years ago, in the Umbrian village of Assisi. While strolling the streets of the upper village and not far from the Basilica of St. Francis, we came across a tiny shop filled with the most beautiful olive wood products we had ever seen. There were cutting boards of every shape and size, utensils, bowls, platters and beautiful hand carved nativity scenes. St. Francis created the first (well, second) nativity scene in 1223, because he felt that Christmas had become too focused on materialism.  Today, the Passeri family has hand- crafted these unique and unusual items with professionalism and passion. These ancestrally skilled craftsmen mold and use their experience and mastery of the precious olive wood to create stunning pieces truly useful and unique in our daily lives. 




Ruccello Olive Oil offers the Highest Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy and California as well as Vinegars, and Olive Wood Products. Items to enhance your food and kitchen experience!

RoseAnne Ruccello founded Ruccello Olive Oil in 2017 from the love of Italy, Travel, and Olive Oil. Her mission is to offer consumers the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy and California as well as Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Wood Products, and items to enhance your food and kitchen experience.RoseAnne is an Olive Oil Sommelier and is committed to educating the consumer on the many health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. She loves demonstrating how to properly taste and evaluate olive oil, through Grove Gatherings, so that the consumer can become knowledgeable and make the right choices when purchasing olive oil.Grove Gatherings are hosted parties where we gather to learn about olive oil and vinegar, share some food and wine and learn new things. And the host gets perks!Check out RuccelloOliveOil.com to learn more. Thanks for stopping by!


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