8 tips to help deal with anxiety, phobias and mood disorders

Most people take the risk of contracting the virus seriously and follow the prescribed measures (wearing a mask, gloves in public places, using disinfectants, etc.). However, there are always people who deny the existence of the virus and often show increased aggression. There can be a difference between people who are very nervous and people who need medical help – according to the degree of severity of symptoms. However, increased anxiety, , phobias, insomnia and mood disorders, or vulnerability of the psyche are some of the consequences – say medical experts.
With simple rules, the loss of control over one’s own life (which is the main cause of anxiety) can be alleviated / removed:

  1. The daily rhythm should be planned – a sense of predictability of life is brought by daily rituals and simple actions that are constantly repeated (gymnastics, meals, reading, sleeping, rest, walking). Every person always feels better when the day is planned in detail.
  2. List of personal measures against the pandemic – carrying out certain actions (washing hands, disinfecting hands and living / business space, using water purifiers) helps a person regain control of life. It provides a feeling of peace and tranquility because a person does everything for his/her own safety and the safety of the environment.
  3. Less reading / watching / listening to content that is a burden on the psyche – it is always better to spend free time walking / exercising / reading than collecting negative news and information that is a great burden for the psyche.
  4. Physical activity should be moderate – moderation strengthens self-confidence, calms and fills a person with energy.
  5. Anxiety management techniques can be learned – there are many of these techniques on the Internet. The most useful and simplest are breathing techniques (deep diaphragmatic breathing that has a calming effect) and methods of self-observation (a person learns to look at himself/herself as an observer from the side and breathes deeply while anxiety slowly weakens and disappears).
  6. Hobby and creativity is a great option against feelings of anxiety — it provides a positive sense of usefulness. Increases the production of pleasure hormones. Sometimes it has the same effect as drugs (anxiolytics and antidepressants).
  7. Socialization – when the possibilities of interpersonal communication are limited, it is always an option to use the telephone and the Internet.
  8. Acknowledging the existence of feelings of anxiety — in all extreme situations it is a normal occurrence of feelings of anger, anxiety, resentment. It is important to separate objective difficulties (loss of job, and the like on which each person can do something on their own)) from subjective difficulties (that the pandemic will last forever and the like).

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