The smiling Buddha is the bearer of happiness because he absorbs all the troubles in the home

The happy corner of the living room should always be ventilated and well lit. This is achieved by energizing all corners of the living room. The happy corner of the living room and other rooms of each home is located diagonally in relation to the front door of the room / room. This corner generates good luck provided that it is properly decorated (in accordance with the colors and shapes that correspond to the given element, it is additionally activated by having a lot of movements and frequent activities in it). The lucky corners of the rooms in the home have a lot of auspicious benefits by placing auspicious symbols (three-legged frogs, lucky coins / coins, 6 natural crystal balls and other Taoist deities). The smooth and round crystal symbolizes / suggests undisturbed and happy relationships and reduces to minimal misunderstandings, angry words and outbursts of anger. These crystals are great for creating friendly energy – says the Feng Shui philosophy.

The living room reportedly includes the part of the home where family / friends dine (dining room, etc.). Food on the tables is a symbol of survival. It is always different from food in the kitchen / pantry. Food that is only cooked on the stove generates a completely different type of energy from the food served on the table, that is, happiness that has not yet matured (flower in the bud). The flower in full bloom suggests mature happiness (food on the table). It is not desirable in the kitchen (where food is cooked) to keep a mirror-says Feng shui philosophy. The mirror reflects the “open flame” (stove, fireplace, wood stove) and the stove in the kitchen. Mirrors in the dining room can be affordable but it is important to be large. Thus they reflect the prosperity and wealth of the home. A large wall mirror would be perfect for any dining room (dining room) at home. It is not good to place a mirror made of parts (plates) in the dining rooms / rooms where people eat. The mirror you install should cover all household members / people sitting at the dining table. It is desirable that such a large mirror reflects the whole family, a dining table, but not a door, toilet, kitchen or staircase.

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