Top Lager Beer “Preminger” and drinking water “Lipa” from the depths of the cleanest parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Made in Bihać)

(Made in Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Water is the source of life. “Lipa” water springs from the depths of one of the cleanest parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the west of the country. This region is otherwise rich in clean rivers and known for its ecological development. The waters in this area are magnificent. You can enjoy the beauty of the river or drink “Lipa” water.
Magnesium has a role in protein production, energy production and transmission. It helps the functioning of the nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular systems, in strengthening bones and teeth. The human body contains about 1-1.5 kg of calcium. Almost 99% of calcium is found in bones and teeth. This clearly states that calcium is needed for proper bone structure and essential for the health and beauty of teeth.

Since 2018, the Brewery from the city of Bihać will present the famous product “Lipa” water on a new and redesigned website. The brewery from the city of Bihać is also widely known for its light beer of the highest quality “Preminger”.
The new page is defined by a modern look, functionality, visibility, concise content and better access to information. All site visitors can fully enjoy the content regardless of which device they access the website that is optimized for mobile devices and tablets. Through the links, all content can be easily shared on social networks. The redesign of the site is due to the members of the Chamber of Commerce of Una-Sana Canton Adverto Media (Web design) and IDK Studio (Web development).

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