Simple exercise with arms and legs for better circulation

One of the most effective methods for strengthening the circulation and normalization of all organs in the body consists of exercise with the fingers and toes. This exercise is especially suitable for people who have “jumps” in blood pressure, ischemic attack and stroke. Exercise is recommended by medical professionals / rehabilitologists. There are a huge number of reflex points on the feet and toes. By activating these points with exercise, the circulation and functioning of the entire organism will improve.
Exercise daily on the floor in a room. Start with your left foot. Bend your left knee and pull your bent knee toward your chest. Then embrace the foot with both hands. Do a gentle foot massage for about 3 minutes. Then run the fingers of your right hand between the toes of your left foot. Imagine that you are “combing” the toes of your left foot with the fingers of your right hand for about half a minute. The result of this exercise is a kind of stretching. Then intertwine your fingers and toes with each other and very tightly. Repeat the exercise with your right leg. Extend the exercise to 10 minutes in total each day. After half a year of persistent exercise, the condition will more or less normalize. The mobility of the arms and legs will be normalized. “Victory does not like lazy people. You have to have enough patience and be demanding of yourself. “

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