Interesting stories of the origin of brownies, bowls with flakes, biscuits with chocolate crumbs

Favorite chocolate chip cookies, brownies or a morning bowl of cereal are known around the world. Behind these dishes and many other foods are interesting stories about the origin. Thus, for example, dishes such as blue cheese or yogurt were created so that cheese and milk are simply forgotten in the containers. When they took on a more than interesting taste, they became a dish that was prepared again and again.
Popular cookies with pieces of chocolate — they were also made quite by accident. The cookies were invented by Ruth Wakefield when she was making chocolate cookies for guests and ran out of chocolate powder. She tossed small pieces of chocolate into the biscuit mixture hoping it would help her get a chocolate mixture. Eventually the chocolate retained its shape and only melted slightly. Although Ruth at the time thought it was a failed dessert, her guests were delighted. Years later, she left her recipe to Nestle who then put it on a chocolate pack. Nestle supplied Ruth W. with lifelong packs of chocolates.

Nutella is the most popular spread in the world – the most famous spread in the world was also created by accident. Italian baker Pietro Ferrero wanted to create an alternative to chocolate in case there was a shortage. So he came up with the idea to mix hazelnuts, chocolate and sugar and created Nutella, a much-adored spread around the world today.
Two sides of a brownie — just like a chocolate chip cookie, and the brownie was made quite by accident, though it is not known which of the two stories is correct. One says it was invented by Fanny Farmer when she decided to switch the cookie mix to a classic cake tin and get a chocolate cake similar to today’s brownie. Another story tells how the brownie was invented by a chef who added too much melted chocolate to the cake mix.
Cornet or glass – if it weren’t for Ernest Hamwi’s pastry chef today, we wouldn’t be able to choose between a glass and a cornet when buying ice cream in pastry shops. Namely, in the hurry and lack of food on which he could serve his ice cream, he quickly rolled up a waffle that he was preparing in his pastry shop and quite unexpectedly created a cone.
Fire crepes Suzette-another popular dessert was created quite by accident. These are Crepes Suzette, invented in 1895 by 14-year-old Henri Charpentier. He prepared classic pancakes for Prince, better known today as King Edward VII. Young Henry accidentally lit a pancake pan. As he did not want the prince to wait too long, he served the pancakes exactly as they are. The prince liked them so much that he asked for them again and demanded that they be named after the girl who was in his company at the time.
Dietary cornflakes — the most interesting story though is cornflakes. The crunchy cereals we most often enjoy for breakfast today were first part of a special diet. Namely, the Kellogg brothers were constantly working on creating new meatless products. They promoted vegetarianism. They often devised food without too much flavor and without spices. Such food, they believed, was supposed to reduce sexual desire. It was cornflakes that was one of the first successful, edible experiments. Today, Kellogg is one of the most famous snowflake manufacturers, writes

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