Joint damage is a major threat in recent times

Joint damage is not related to age groups but occurs due to various traumas, inflammatory processes, salt deposits and other reasons. The risk of joint damage can be reduced.

  1. Comfortable footwear is a serious temptation for the joints (too narrow shoes, heavy boots, soft ballet flats, sandals without heels, rubber boots, etc.) – are a burden for the joints. Due to the lowered foot (flat soles), the load is unevenly distributed. This results in joint deformity. Too high a heel increases the load on the knees. The safe height of the heel is: divide the length of the foot by seven. Footwear should be comfortable and durable. People are not able to get orthopedic / medical footwear. So always look for quality orthopedic insoles for shoes that will properly distribute the load on the foot.
  2. Untreated cold / infection-there is always a risk of disease (arthritis, rheumatic diseases). This is due to the penetration of the infection into the joint sac, tendons and cartilage. This happens after angina if patients do not use antibiotics for fear of side effects. While not thinking about the consequences for the joints. Joint diseases and chlamydia (chlamydia bacteria) are related. Because sexually transmitted infections affect the condition of the joints. That is why the rules of personal hygiene, protection and choice of an intimate partner should be respected. Contact with feathered animals should be avoided, especially wild feathered animals (pigeons, turkeys, ducks, parrots, etc.). These animals are carriers of bacteria. Any person can get the bacterium by inhalation, contact with wild birds and a bite.
  3. Sedentary or sedentary lifestyle The muscles surrounding the joints are poorly saturated with oxygen. Muscle tissues do not receive nutrients then. The articular cup in which the joints are located dries out. This creates “creaking” and “crunching” of the joints. Do 2-3 stretching and stretching exercises every morning. Instead of an elevator always use stairs which are a great free trainer.

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